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 Multi Storey Illusion - no rooms

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PostSubject: Multi Storey Illusion - no rooms   Tue Oct 23, 2012 1:37 am

Multi Storey Illusion - no rooms

A lot of designers like to give the illusion that they have more than one floor in their house.

If you see house like this, they are just illusions. It is not (currently) possible to stack rooms on top of each other, nor do people have any sort of 'upstairs' in their home  Wink

There are two ways to crate the multi-storey illusion. One uses rooms - carefully placed to give that stacked impression. The other method uses no rooms at all - simply cleverly stacked counters and tables, and creative object placement.

The basis of ALL stacking: Basic Stacking

There is a video made to explain the second method of the multi-storey illusion:

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Multi Storey Illusion - no rooms
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