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 Stacked Rug Trick

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PostSubject: Stacked Rug Trick   Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:57 am

Stacked Rug Trick

There used to be a trick in Sims Social that allowed players to create all sorts of beautiful gardens and pond areas by placing flowers and rocks on a rug. The rug allowed these items to be placed close together. This was called the Rug Trick.

Unfortunately, the game developers inadvertantly got rid of the Rug Trick when they fixed another bug...

However, this trick is not completely gone  Wink
We now have the Stacked Rug Trick - we can use the rug trick WITH the stacking method to give the same effect. The grouped objects are stacked, i.e. they are suspended, which means they aren't at ground level, but it's a work-around nonetheless.

Simply place a rug. Any rug. Even petals will work  Shocked
Place a table or end table on the rug.
Place your item on top of the table.
MOVE the rug and your item moves with it!

Place another item on the table.
Put the rug (complete with the 1st item you placed), back under the table.
MOVE the rug and now BOTH items will move with the rug.

Set your masterpiece as you want and when you're finished, simply SELL the rug.

This video shows how to make a very simple garden area using this trick: click here.

Another video is available on Youtube:

A word of warning...
This trick will only work with items that 'sit' on top of tables.

Also, personal experience has shown that when you move a rug with several stacked items on it, OCCASIONALLY all the items seem to 'move' into one place on the rug. Unfortunately, if it does this, you'll have to start again.

If you have anything stacked in your home, such as one of the illusions that give stairs, or you've simply stacked some clover high up as a canopy, placing a rug directly underneath will 'catch' these items - if you move the rug, those items will move with it. Using rugs is sticky business!
So, be careful. The once instance where this can be useful, is when you're ready to demolish your home in preparation for a new one. Simply use the rug to 'catch' a set of suspended objects and move the lot into storage - it's quicker then selling pieces one-by-one  Wink
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Stacked Rug Trick
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