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 I Need Your Help!

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PostSubject: I Need Your Help!   Sun Oct 21, 2012 9:00 pm

I need your help to complete this topic Rolling Eyes

If you have screenshots of your level rewards - as per the other images in this topic, I'd love to have them and upload them.

If you could keep the original sizing that would be even better What a Face

Once I have the required images, individual posts will be removed and the threads locked as they are completed - but I'll make sure to credit you for your image (so make sure you have an appropriate username - I will NOT post credit to vulgar usernames) Wink If you want, I can post a link to your Facebook account, so make sure you include a link to it (if you ever want that deleted, it'll be your responsibility to tell me).

So, how can you send me your images?
You need to screen shot them.
For advice on HOW to do this, click here.
Ok, you're not taking screen shots your home, but you're taking screen shots nonetheless.

If you use the PRT SCRN method, after you save the image on your computer, you'll need to upload it to a website that can host photos - the only way to upload photos to this forum is to have an image URL.

Once you have the URL, navigate to the Player Levels Thread and either post a new topic or click one of the existing topics and post a new reply:

You can either paste the link directly as a reply (or new topic):

Be advised that the given link is just an example No

OR Click the Image button and paste the image URL in the link box:

If you PREVIEW your post, you should see your proper image. When you're ready hit SEND.

The easiest way, BY FAR, will be to use Lightshot as it gives you a direct image URL - as opposed to uploading your photo to a hosting site first.

Very Happy THANKS FOR YOUR HELP Very Happy
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I Need Your Help!
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