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 How to Prepare for Upcoming Quests

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PostSubject: How to Prepare for Upcoming Quests   Sun Oct 21, 2012 12:35 am

How to Prepare for Upcoming Quests

To learn about upcoming quests, you should be in a group - such as The Sims Social Club. Upcoming quests are supposed to be secret and give surprise when released. BUT some dedicated people in groups, have a way of finding out this information and posting photos of upcoming quests and the related items in the new theme Very Happy

Once you know this information, is it possible to prepare for the upcoming quest. Remember though, that some quests may ask you to collect from yard spawns which are not currently in the game. There is no way to prepare for those, unfortunately. But for other, existings items, you can start collecting in advance - especially when used with the Backpack Trick to get items to stack up in your backpack.

When you buy a buildable item, it will come packed in a box. If you have enough collectibles to build it, it will display 100%:

If you don't have enough collectibles, you'll be allowed to ask for them - be it from a wall post (such as Hope, Hype, Admiration, Bread, Gym Shoes, etc.) or a general request that you have to select friends for.

This Domestica refridgerator, for example, needs collectibles to finish building:

What you must do, is request the necessary collectibles but NOT build the furniture - just let it 'sit' unbuilt:

Unbuilt furniture can NOT be put into storage; BUT you can place unbuilt furniture into a room and then store the room Wink A lot of advanced players will have a room chock-full of unbuilt furniture and THIS is why. You can also place unbuilt items in their boxes onto tables, and then store the tables, but I personally prefer the room method tongue

You can only normally send one request per friend, per day. So for those items that require you to ask people to send, such as the Veggies and Ice in the above example, it's advisable to split up your requests. For example, if you only have 100 friends, don't ask all 100 to send you Veggies or you won't be able to ask for Ice. Instead, ask 50 for Veggies and 50 for Ice. You'll have to split up your requests accordingly for your own friend count - so having LOTS of friends is beneficial - they don't necessarily have to be in-game neighbours.

So, if you know you're going to need Hope or Hype (or other wall post collectible) in an upcoming quest, pull up a buildable piece of furniture that also needs Hope or Hype (or other such) to build it, and generate the appropriate wall post - just don't actually build that item.

The same for other requests. If you know that you'll need Veggies or Ice or Relaxation etc. then find an item that also requires it and ask people to send you some - let those items stack in your backpack when you clear your inbox, but don't build the item.

Of course, if you have enough of a collectible to build that item from which you've requested, you won't be able to ask for any more. Rolling Eyes

If the upcoming request requires an item that you can gift:

Then gift a whole load of those items, and people will send you them back Wink

But how do I know which items to buy in order to ask for such items?
Use the Buildable Furniture list.

This list tells you what all the buildables are and what ingredients or materials you need. Use the FIND function of your browser to look for something specific. For example, if you want some HOPE - search for the term hope and browse through everything that your browser finds.

In Google Chrome

In Mozilla Firefox
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How to Prepare for Upcoming Quests
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