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 Playing on Tablet Computers

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PostSubject: Playing on Tablet Computers   Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:53 pm

Playing on Tablet Computers

Many people own tablet computers and SmartPhones.

I personally own an iPad and a BlackBerry mobile.

Can Sims Social be played on these devices? YES! But with some restrictions Evil or Very Mad

Apple doesn't allow flash on its devices BUT other people have created third party browsers which do allow it.

On your device (I used the iPad), open the App Store, and search BROWSERS:

Most will cost you to download BUT most will offer a free trial first, so look out for the FREE versions to try. Check the descriptions and see if they offer Adobe Flash Support - that's what you need in order to play Sims Social.

I personally, downloaded iSwifter. The FREE version allows you to use the browser for 10 minutes for 10 days (I think it was), then you had to pay for it.

It's limited but it does work. I can't speak for other browsers, but on iSwifter there were certain things I couldn't do, such as ask for new neighbours, as that pop-up screen wouldn't appear. But it allowed me to post wall posts on a fresh game, when it wouldn't allow me to do this on my REAL game Rolling Eyes

This is Sims Social running in iSwifter on my iPad:

This was my attempt to open Sims Social on my Blackberry: Shocked

I think it's far too small to run on mobile phones anyway tongue
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Playing on Tablet Computers
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