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 Basic Stacking on YouTube

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PostSubject: Basic Stacking on YouTube   Fri Oct 19, 2012 4:10 am

Basic Stacking Videos on YouTube

There are a number of videos which show stacking on Youtube

Remember that different people use different tables, and create their table-stacks slightly different to others. The end result is the same though. Wink

Here are a selection. For others, visit YouTube and search for sims social stacking or sims social stacking method.

This one shows how to build an entertainment centre.

This similar video uses the same technique to create a toyshelf.

This one is a bit longer and shows basic stacking - stacking plants atop Loguinn Dividers and stacked bookcases. She also touches upon the beginnings of the second-storey illusion.

A short video that shows how to stack a cabinet above a computer desk.
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Basic Stacking on YouTube
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