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 Basic Stacking

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PostSubject: Basic Stacking   Fri Oct 19, 2012 3:16 am

Basic Stacking

To achieve basic stacking, you need two basic components:

  • two Basix Tan Coffee Tables
  • a Basix TV Stand - Tan

Both can be found in the LIVING section of the shop.

Scroll to the bottom of this topc for a couple of important notes.

Place the two coffee tables side-by-side like this:

Then place the TV stand on top of the coffee tables like this (you may have to rotate it first):

Within this stack, you can select any of the tables.
Select the top TV stand to remove it from the stack if you wish.

BUT if you select ONE of the bottom coffee tables, the TV stand on top will also be selected - so that when you move one of the bottom coffee tables, the TV stand will move with it  Wink

THIS is the secret to stacking!

To stack an object, you need to place something on top of the TV stand - on the overhanging part:

So that when you move the whole table stack, the object will remain suspended in mid-air!


Stacking on top of something...
As you can see from this image, placing a decoration on top of a Loguinn Corner column is impossible!

Instead, we must use our stacked tables to place the rose bush on top of the column.
First we place FIVE coffee tables next to the column.
Second we place our stacked TV stand on top of the other coffee tables.
Third if it's not already in position, we rotate the entire stack so that the overhanging part is over the top of the column.

Finally, we place the rose bush on the overhanging part of the table stack and then remove the whole stack. Hey presto! The rose bush is stacked upon the column  Very Happy

This video shows all of the above:

If you want to stack larger items which won't fit on a single 'square', such as a TV, don't use coffee tables at all. Instead use more TV stands. Place the bottom two accordingly, and stack the rest on top but in the opposite direction. When they're as high as they need to be, select just one of the bottom TV stands, and the rest will move with it.

Important Notes:
It should be remembered that if you stack on top of anything - such as placing a plushy toy on top of a bed - if the bottom object is removed (i.e. the bed), you will NOT be able to replace it! You must restack the objects! This is also true for rotating. Ensure the item is rotated as you require it - if you ever try to rotate a bottom-object, you'll need to restack the lot  Rolling Eyes

Also, anything stacked that your sim can interact with, will not hinder those interactions in any way. You may stack a TV high up out of your sims' reach, but s/he can still use it without any problems. Here is a sim using a microwave which has been stacked above her reach:
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Basic Stacking
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