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 Getting Aquainted with the Screen - A more detailed explanation

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PostSubject: Getting Aquainted with the Screen - A more detailed explanation   Wed Sep 12, 2012 7:22 pm

► This shows your Simoleons:

This is the MAIN currency in the game.

► This shows your Social Points:

This is the secondary currency in the game.

► This shows your SimCash:

This currency is like gold - DON'T WASTE IT!
All the best stuff is worth SimCash, and the only way to get it really is to pay REAL money for it!!
An important note about SimCash:
At certain stages within the game, certain quests and items will be unlocked and become available to you. With items which require yard spawns to be collected, unfortunately (unless these items are completed at the time of first-release (i.e. when the related theme was released into the game)), it may not be possible to complete the quest, or the building of a buildable item - since yard spawns in the game are relevant to the newest theme. An example of this is the Relaxathon quest - which requires the collection of Lotus Flowers towards the end of the quest. Lotus Flowers were introduced into the game in April 2012 and no longer spawn in our yards. The ONLY way to complete this stage of the quest is to 'buy' the Lotus Flowers with SimCash. To THAT end, it is advisable to keep your SimCash for emergencies such as these (unless, of course, you plan on buying more) Wink

► This shows your Energy level:

Almost every action you perform in TSS uses one energy.

► This shows your current Level:

There are 160 Levels in the game so far.
Every action you perfom earns you a little XP.
XP is used to advance through the levels.
Hover your mouse over the Level bar for more information.

► Next to the bar showing your current level, there is a little SPANNER. Click it and a small set of options will appear:

From left to right these options are:
  • The handy new Save button - this was recently implemented into the game
  • The Change Language button - maybe you don't want English as the main language
  • Toggle Fullscreen button - make the game run in fullscreen mode (this can crash Adobe Flash Player though)
  • Toggle Graphic Quality button - good graphics versus bad graphics
  • Toggle Sound button - turn on/off all the little sound effects within the game
  • Toggle Music button - turn on/off the game music which you get as the game loads or whenever you switch to shop mode

► Underneath all this, you then have these viewing buttons:

From top-left, clockwise we have:
  • Toggle Fullscreen
  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • Walls Up
  • Exterior Walls
  • Walls Down

► These are your needs:

  • Social
  • Fun
  • Hunger
  • Hygiene
  • Bladder
  • Sleep
You can click these individually, and your sim will automatically perforn an action to fulfiil a need. However, most social interactions will cost you one Energy. Fulfill ALL needs to become Inspired.

► This is your little Sim Panel:

The little blue man represents your relationship status. You start as a single sim. Date someone, and your partner will show instead of the blue man.

♦️ Click the image of your sim to centre the game on your sim. Similarly, when visiting a neighbour, click on your neighbours sim-portrait to centre the game on them.

♦️ Click TRAITS to bring up the Traits Screen:

♦️ Click SKILLS to bring up the Skills Screen:

► The House Value button shows your current house value, and clicking it will bring up the House Value screen:

Your House Value is comprised of the value of your house AND (as of recently) your clothing value.

► The Neighbour Bar shows all your neighbours:

It will show their house value, what career they are in, and your relationship status (friends, best friends, enemies, naughty friends, etc.). People in your Facebook Friends List who are not yet your neighbours in the game will be greyed out and a little ADD FRIEND tag, like shown in the provided image.

► The golden ADD NEIGHBOUR button... a way to add people as your neighbours in-game. If the person you added has NEVER before installed TSS on their Facebook account, you'll get 3 SimCash as a reward for introducing a new player.

► To the far right there's the button to visit Bella:

You met Bella during the tutorial. You can visit Bella's homes or invite her to yours.

► Above Bella's button, you have the buttons that take you to your Wardrobe, the Shop, and your Backpack (& Crafting):

This is where you'll find all your clothes and change the name of your sim. For 50 SimCash you can change your personality too. The default view is the SHOP VIEW and you can start buying new clothes by clicking at the top on either Head/To/Bottom/Shoes. To see what clothes you ALREADY HAVE, click the blue GO TO STORAGE button.

►►► SHOP:
This is the shop where you buy furniture and decorations for your home. You can build new rooms and add doors and windows in the BUILD section. The STORAGE section is where everything goes when you do NOT display it in your yard. You can buy skill items in the shop but for easier navigation, all the skill items are also grouped under the SKILL tab.

The backpack has two sections. The default view is the CRAFTING section which is shown in the above image. The actual backpack can be viewed by clicking the Backpack tab:
The Backpack is where you can store all the collectibles found within the game. The Crafting section is where special collectibles need to be crafted.

Right, so you've mastered the screen and you now know where everything is. Now what?
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Getting Aquainted with the Screen - A more detailed explanation
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