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 Land Expansions - Main Home

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PostSubject: Land Expansions - Main Home   Fri Sep 28, 2012 10:00 am

Land Expansions - Main Home

Once you reach Level 10 you'll be able to purchase an extra parcel of land for your main home.

There are 11 extra plots of land. Eight of them come with a broken item which you can repair and keep.
If you sell them, you'll never be able to get them back!

As indicated in the above image, to unlock plot 10, you will first need either plot 3 or 4. To unlock plot 11, you will first need to unlock plot 6 or 7.

The full requirements are listed here (HV=House Value):
1st plot: HV=25k, Level=10
2nd plot: HV=30k, Level=11
3rd plot: HV=70k, Level=12
4th plot: HV=80k, Level=14
5th plot: HV=90k, Level=16
6th plot: HV=100k, Level=19
7th plot: HV=120k, Level=22
8th plot: HV=140k, Level=26
9th plot: HV=170k, Level=31
10th plot: HV=200k, Level=38
11th plot: HV=250k, Level=45

The above figures are irrespective of plot number. For example, you could buy plot number 9 as your first plot at Level 10, and receive the Easter Island Guy. Once you reach 30k House Value (and Level 11), you could buy plot 3 as your second plot, and receive the Human G Gnome.

The time taken for the land application to be processed varies with each plot:
1st plot: One minute
2nd plot: Five minutes
3rd plot: 30 minutes
4th plot: One hour
5th plot: Two hours
6th plot: Four hours
7th plot: Eight hours
8th plot: 12 hours
9th plot: One day
10th plot: Two days
11th plot: Three days

The materials you will need in order to repair each broken item are as follows:
1. Bike Curious

2. N/A

3. Human G Gnome

4. N/A

5. Ancient Park Bench

6. Swing Thing

7. N/A

8. Rockin' Horse

9. Easter Island Guy

10. Fountain Of Ruth

11. Servo Statue
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Land Expansions - Main Home
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