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 Sims Social Finger Saver

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PostSubject: Sims Social Finger Saver   Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:44 am

Sims Social Finger Saver

Public App Page

Use Social Finger Saver to:
  • Stay Inspired
  • Monitor your job (careers) and answer and book them as required
  • Immediately answer new mail as it arrives
  • Clear all your inbox mail with 1-click
  • Accept all the energy requests in your inbox with 1-click
  • Send energy gifts to all your friends, as well as request energy gifts from all your friends - with 1-click
Be advised that if you like to share the wall post from your daily bonus - do this before using Social Finger Saver to load your game, otherwise SFS will bypass the wall post and you'll not be able to post it.

Also be aware that if you receive any new mail that are gifts and your backpack is full of that item, Social Finger Saver will automatically refresh your game - so be aware of this before ticking this option.

Currently (December. 2012), the newest version is v3.95 (released in October 2012), and can be downloaded from: ?fmbes64rqz8bzno

Check for the newest version on the app page

Click to download and in Google Chrome and the Downloading pop-up will show, together with the Show all downloads link:

The downloaded file is a ZIP file - which means it's compressed to keep the download small (it's been zipped up). You'll need to unzip the file. As shown in the above image, click the downloaded file and a new window will open showing the contents of the file you just downloaded.

You'll notice a TEXT DOCUMENT called "READ ME (Instructions)" - this is a quick guide on how to use Social Finger Saver. Refer to it often.

To begin, double-click on SocialFingerSaverV3.95, which is a compressed application. This will begin file extraction (the file is compressed, remember) Idea

Choose to EXTRACT ALL. You'll be presented with a box that looks something like this:

This is in Windows 7.

You may leave the default in place if you wish. Tick the box that says "Show extracted files when complete" - to have the new files automatically opened for you upon extraction. Click EXTRACT to begin.

When extraction is complete, you'll be presented with another window - very much like the previous window - the only difference being the new window will show the actual size of the files, rather than their compressed sizes.

If you right-click on SocialFingerSaverV3.95, and then choose SEND TO ► DESKTOP (CREATE SHORTCUT), you'll create a shortcut on your desktop, so you don't need to keep finding the SocialFingerSaver file every time you want to run the application - just double-click the newly created shortcut instead. Rename the shortcut if you wish.

When you double-click on SocialFingerSaverV3.95 (or your new shortcut) the Social Finger Application will run - no installation required... although you may see the following warning... simply click RUN - to stop this warning appearing again, remove the tick from the Always ask before opening this file box.

This is Social Finger Saver:

There's a YouTube video which shows how to use it:

Refer to the README file AND the above video... but you need to make sure that your browser is logged in to Facebook. Unless you already have your game loaded, using Social Finger Saver click the button that says Load Your Game. The Sims Social will begin to load in another tab in your browser.
Remember: if you like to share the wall post from your daily bonus - do this before using Social Finger Saver to load your game!

There's a typo error in the README file - it's supposed to say "*Once Game is running, do NOT block the view to the game by opening other Windows or Tabs." Rolling Eyes
So, once you've clicked to open your game, try not to block the game view.

The top section of the application are the GAME MONITORS. The bottom section offers the 1-Click Buttons.

Quote :
The Checkboxes at the Top of the App activate Monitors. When checked they will run the entire time the app is open. Disable any to stop running them.

1) Inspiration
This will frequently check if you lose Inspiration and try to bump you back up to being Inspired.

2) Career
This will check your career tab periodically and try to answer jobs on time as they finish, then book a new jobs for you to help get you up to the next promotion level.

3) Instant Mail
When new mail is detected, this will answer it right away. If some of the mail is marked 'Backpack Full', the program will accept them, and then will bypass the backpack limits by reloading your game.

Note: Monitors may swat down open windows that are blocking it's view if it needs to check your status... If you're trying to shop or build, uncheck the monitors or close the app and come back when you are done.

1-Click Buttons:
Quote :
1) Load Your Game
This will load your game in your default browser, make sure your FB account is already signed in before you press this button.

2) Send and Request Energy
Will send +1 Energy Gifts to all your Sims Friends, and then Request +1 Energy Gifts From all your Sims Friends.

Note: This will attempt to use all your gifts and requests available for the day, so if you need to build furniture or complete a quest, make sure to do those things before pressing this button.

3)Process Your Mail
This will open your Mailbox and accept your all your mail. Remember, if the is mail marked 'Backpack Full', don't worry it knows to add these items to your backpack and you'll see it in the updated totals after it reloads your game to save your items.

4) Accept Backpack Energy
If you have a bunch of +1 Energy in your Backpack, this will open your backpack and cycle through it all, adding it to your top status bar, saving your fingers hours of click click click.

As stated earlier, try NOT to block your game view. It is advised not to open up the shop or clothing section while Social Finger Saver is running. Close the application down if you need to go to those areas in the game. Restart the application once you're done. This advice is already written in the README, so I strongly recommend you read it tongue
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Sims Social Finger Saver
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