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 Taking Screen Shots Of Your Home

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PostSubject: Taking Screen Shots Of Your Home   Wed Sep 26, 2012 9:14 am

Taking Screen Shots Of Your Home

afro Feri's Website: Make a Screenshot

There are two ways to do this. The old fashioned way of using the Paint program, or the quicker way of using the Lightshot program.

► ► Paint & PRTSCRN◄ ◄

Click for a Video Turorial

If you want to take a snapshot of your home, go in-game and set up the shot how you want it to appear. Indeed, set up your screen with whatever you wish to snap shot.

Hit the PrtScrn on your keyboard.

At first glance, it would appear that nothing has happened - but your conmputer has taken an image of your screen and put it on the computer's clipboard.

Open the Paint program on your computer.

Click on Paste.

Your screen shot will be pasted into Paint.

Here, you can edit the picture as necessary - crop, resize, add some text, blank out parts that you don't want others to see... etc.

Save the image.

To share this image so others can see it, either upload it to an album on your Facebook, OR click to ADD PHOTO/VIDEO (either as your own status update or in your group):

Search for your image on your computer.
Say something about it if you want.
Click POST when you're done.

► ► Lightshot◄ ◄

Lightshot on Facebook

Lightshot is a FREE program that will need downloading. You can get it from here:

Once installed, pressing your PrtScrn button will cause the screen to darken.

You must select the area which you wish to snapshot and when you do so, you'll be presented with some options:

To click edit online means your snap shot will be opened in Lightshot's interface for you to edit.

You can save or print your screenshot directly or you can select copy - which will place the image on your computer's clipboard (much like pressing the PrtScrn button before Lightshot was installed), enabling you to edit your image in Paint rather than Lightshot's interface if you prefer.

To click upload means you image will be uploaded directly to Lightshot and you'll be given a link to distribute. Click COPY:

You may then paste the link wherever you choose (status update, in group, or even as a comment). People can click that link and instantly see your image in a separate tab.
This video shows how to upload an image using the upload option: click here.

This video available on YouTube shows some of what you can do with Lightshot:

A much more detailed video on how to use Lighshot, also on YouTube:

You might occasionally find that Lightshot simply stops working - or that pressing the PRTSCRN buttons doesn't seem to work yet clicking on the icon does. If you have any problems with it, simply uninstall it and install a fresh copy. That seems to fix most problems. What a Face
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Taking Screen Shots Of Your Home
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