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 Creating Lists

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PostSubject: Creating Lists   Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:45 am

Creating Lists

When starting on your Timeline, click to navigate to your HOMEPAGE by clicking on HOME...

...from here, on the left-hand side of your screen, scroll down to your FRIENDS LISTS. Hover your mouse over the word "FRIENDS" and the word "MORE" will appear - click it...

...This will take you to your LISTS. Click to "+ CREATE LIST".

Give your new list a name. I have simply called this list TSS. You may start to add your friends to this list straight away...

...OR you can navigate to a friends' Timeline or Profile... Click the FRIENDS button, as shown - and if your new list is not shown like in this picture, simply click to SHOW ALL LISTS...

... Click on your newly created list (TSS in my example) to add this friend into your list.

To stop all your NON-gaming friends (such as family) from seeing your gaming posts, you need to navigate to the App Settings for Sims Social...
  1. Click the little arrow "▼" next to HOME
  2. Click to go to Privacy Settings
  3. Scroll down to "Ads, Apps and Websites", and click Edit Settings.
  4. Click on "The Sims Social" - this will not open the game, but take you directly to the settings page
NOTE: All your friends and family will still be able to see the little green present posts that people leave when they visit your sim. Apart from asking people not to post them, there's only one way to turn them off that I know of - navigate to PRIVACY SETTINGS > TIMELINE & TAGGING (click Edit Settings). Then under the Who can post on your Timeline setting, select "No One". Of course, this will stop EVERYONE from post ANYTHING on your Timeline, so might not be the best solution.

In the settings page for Sims Social, under the "Posts on your behalf" section, change who can view these posts by selecting your list.

You can make even more changes to who sees your gaming posts if you click CUSTOM.
You can specifically set who sees your posts and who specifically does NOT see your posts.

For all the people you add for Sims Social, you COULD add them all to your pre-made RESTRICTED list. They then only see your PUBLIC posts... of course that only works if you make all your Sims Social posts "PUBLIC".
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Creating Lists
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