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 Free Mouse Auto Clicker

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PostSubject: Free Mouse Auto Clicker   Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:48 am

Free Mouse Auto Clicker
EDIT: Friday 14th June, 2013: Read my reply at the end of this post!

Click to download Free Mouse Auto Clicker via the CNET Download Installer

Yes, it works. Yes, it's safe!

Once you click on the link the CNET Download Installer client will download.

In Google Chrome:
The download box will appear at the bottom of your screen. Then you need to click:
and then click
You will now need to locate the CNET Download Installer client installation file that you just downloaded. Depending on how you have your folder settings, it will look like one of these:

In Firefox:
Firefox will display the following dialogue box:

Click to SAVE FILE. Once downloaded, click the pop-up that says:

Click the popup to open your Firefox Downloads box (alternately, go to your Menu bar and click Tools/Downloads).

In Firefox or Chrome, double-click the newly downloaded CNET Download Installer client installation file, to begin downloading the Free Mouse Auto Clicker file.

▲ In step one, click NEXT STEP.
▼ In step two, unless you actually want the Tune Up plug-in for iTunes, select that you DO NOT ACCEPT, then click NEXT STEP.

▲ Step three is virtually instantaneous, so click INSTALL NOW.
▼ Choose your installation language.

▲ Click NEXT.
▼ Accept the agreement and click NEXT.

▲ Choose the installation folder. It may look different to what is shown. Simply accept the default.
Start Menu folder name - accept the default.

▲ Create (or don't create a desktop shortcut).
▼ Summary. Everything OK? Click INSTALL.

▲ Installation Complete. Launch (or don't launch) straight away.

This is what the Free Mouse Auto Clicker looks like, together with it's desktop shortcut:

This clicker is designed to simulate mouse clicks exactly where the mouse pointer is. So once started, it would be advisable NOT to move the mouse!

Adjust the click interval time accordingly (default is 5 seconds):

Put your mouse pointer where you want the clicker to click, and then press CTRL and F2 to begin clicking.
Don't move the mouse while the clicker is clicking!

When you've finished, without moving the mouse, press CTRL and F3 to stop the clicking.

You can change which hotkeys to use (you don't have to use F2 and F3). You can also adjust which mouse button to simulate (left or right) and whether it's a single-click or a double-click action.

To get an idea of the sorts of speeds you could use, click for a video.

This second video shows the Free Mouse Auto Clicker in action on a Sims Social inbox: click here.

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Posts : 393
Join date : 2012-09-12
Age : 39
Location : Bristol, UK

PostSubject: MALWARE!   Sat Jun 15, 2013 1:56 am

Unfortunately, after trying to re-download this piece of software, I've discovered it has a AWFUL LOT of Malware now Crying or Very sad

Use at your own risk!
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Free Mouse Auto Clicker
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