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 Gimme Energy! HELP!

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PostSubject: Gimme Energy! HELP!   Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:57 am

Need More Energy?

Having enough energy is the bug-bear of many a sim player!
You simply never have enough!

There are several ways to obtain more energy...

(in no particular order)

  1. WAIT!
  2. Visit Neighbours
  3. Gifting
  4. Check for FREEBIES
  5. Run your Bonus Collector
  6. Golden ADD NEIGHBOUR Button
  7. Convert SimCash / Buy energy with REAL money

► ► 1. WAIT! ◄ ◄

Your energy bar will fill up with ONE energy every 5 minutes. Wait a full hour and a quarter for the bar to fill completely.


Every time you visit a neighbour for the FIRST time you get the First Visit reward which includes 3 free energy. Visit all the properties that that neighbour has for more free energy!

Visit your neighbours daily. You get 5 free BONUS energy DAILY to use at their home - which can be used on ANY action. Use up all five, and you'll get a bonus energy directly into your bar, which you can use anywhere.

Read the Conserving your Energy topic for more information.

► ► 3. GIFTING ◄ ◄

The best way to get energy is to have lots of friends!

Gift every friend an energy bar every day, and they will send you one in return.

Go in-game and click on the green gift icon at the right of your screen.

Upon clicking the gift icon, the GIFTING screen will open.

If you select the +1 Energy gift, and send it to everyone, they'll return the favour and send you the same gift back.

Getting that annoying, "your backpack is full of this item" message?
Refer to the Backpack Trick topic.


Quite often, energy is given away for FREE!

Check the official Sims Social page, and scroll around a bit to see what freebies are on offer.

A lot of groups like to keep things organised, so they'll have a FREEBIES section where they'll list all the freebies available.

I've been working on a FREEBIE section in the forum - it might not be quite as up to date as a group's DOC, but the link is here for you: FREEBIES


One of the best things you can do as a good neighbour is to SHARE everything! Post everything to your wall. Every post generates a reward. Social Points, simoleons, energy, XP or collectibles.

Running a Bonus Collector will help you collect all the rewards from all such posts that you friends have posted (you cannot collect from your own posts, don't be silly).

It'll save you having to manually click to claim things.

So, run your Bonus Collector - you may be missing out on some hidden energy.

For more information about Bonus Collectors, click here.

What sorts of wall posts offer energy as a reward for clicking?

The Wonderland Looking Glass offers up wall posts with a reward of 3 energy if you perform the "Through the Looking Glass" action.

The Lovebot Rosie offers up wall posts with a reward of 1 energy if you perform the "Kiss Test ► Passionate Kiss" action.


There's a glitch in the game that allows you to request that existing neighbours become your neighbours... again!

Click the golden ADD NEIGHBOUR button, and select your Sim Friends - these are your friends who have Sims Social installed. Some might be your in-game neighbours, some might not.

Select as many as you can and THEY will receive a blue neighbour request in their inbox, that looks like this:

When THEY click on all these blue neighbour requests, THEY get nothing. But YOU will get ONE energy for each request that is accepted - hence the Accept & Gift message (they accept your neighbour request and gift YOU an energy.  Very Happy

You get these in your inbox, just as if you'd been gifted an energy bar:

So, if you have 50 neighbours and you gift them an energy bar (as per #3 above), you'll get 50 back when they respond to your gift. If you also send neighbour requests to these 50 neighbours (assuming they respond) you'll get 50 MORE energy gifts. Sweet!  cheers

Some people aren't aware of this and believe these requests to be received in error. Many people ignore repeat neighbour requests simply because they aren't aware of the energy reward. Enlighten them  Wink


You can convert your hard-earned SimCash into energy by clicking the little + icon on the energy bar:

Hey presto!
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Gimme Energy! HELP!
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