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 Gimme Social Points! HELP!

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PostSubject: Gimme Social Points! HELP!   Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:56 am

Need more Social Points?

There are several ways to obtain more social points...

(in no particular order)

  1. Gifting
  2. Check for FREEBIES
  3. Visiting Neighbours
  4. Run your Bonus Collector
  5. Convert SimCash / Buy social points with REAL money

► ► 1. GIFTING◄ ◄

Go in-game and click on the green gift icon at the right of your screen.

Upon clicking the gift icon, the GIFTING screen will open.

If you select the 10 social points gift, and send it to everyone, they'll return the favour and send you the same gift back.


Occasionally, social points are given away for FREE!

Check the official Sims Social page, and scroll around a bit to see what freebies are on offer.

A lot of groups like to keep things organised, so they'll have a FREEBIES section where they'll list all the freebies available.

I've been working on a FREEBIE section in the forum - it might not be quite as up to date as a group's DOC, but the link is here for you: FREEBIES


The clue to gathering social points is in the name of the game itself - sims SOCIAL.

Visit your neighbours. Interactions you do with them will drop social point rewardlets. If you visit a neighbour for the first time (at all of their properties), you'll get the First Visit reward, which includes 20 social points:

For the first ten neighbours you visit per day, once you use the daily five bonus energy, you'll claim the Daily Visit reward, which includes 10 social points:


One of the best things you can do as a good neighbour is to SHARE everything! Post everything to your wall. Every post generates a reward. Social Points, simoleons, energy, XP or collectibles.

Running a Bonus Collector will help you collect all the rewards from all such posts that you friends have posted (you cannot collect from your own posts, don't be silly).

It'll save you having to manually click to claim things.

So, run your Bonus Collector - you may be missing out on some hidden social points.

For more information about Bonus Collectors, click here.

What sorts of wall posts offer social points as a reward for clicking?

The Quantum Orbital Kitchen offers up wall posts with a reward of 60 social points if you ask over a friend and perform the Try to impress action (works best with friends that you have a good relationship with). This will only work once per friend.

The Quick Karma Machine offers up wall posts with a reward of 60 social points when you select the Recycle action. This is a timed action and appears once every 15 minutes.

The Quick Karma Machine can be purchased for 10,000 Social Points, and is available in the DECORATIONS section of the shop on page 41.

When you have the Penthouse property, you will get the ColleXion Dressing Room. If you select the Makeover option, it'll generate a wallpost that offers 20 social points.

If you have the Amour Dinner For Two table, invite round your love interest and perform the Romantic dinner for two option. The resulting wall post will offer a reward of 20 social points.

For more posts which offer Social Points, click here.

REMEMBER you cannot claim from your own posts, but if you know people who have these types of items, you could ask them NICELY to make some posts for you.


You can convert your hard-earned SimCash into social points by clicking the little + icon on the social points bar:

Hey presto!
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Gimme Social Points! HELP!
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