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 Yard Spawns - The Language Trick

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PostSubject: Yard Spawns - The Language Trick   Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:40 am

Yard Spawns - The Language Trick

What are yard spawns?
Yard spawns are the grass and weeds that grow on your yard - and the driftwood and bottles that appear at your beach house property. Each new refresh of the game will trigger re-spawns of these things.

Some new yard spawns are released into the game at the same time when new new themes and quests are released - usually because part of the new quest will require you to collect or clear them. In the past, we've had things like demons, cheshire cats, dice, rose shrubs, chess and logic themed pieces, bird pooh, wrapped gifts and fairies... to name just a few!

When part of a quest requires you to clear or collect a yard spawn, clear/collect what you have in order to proceed. But what if you don't have enough of the item? Refreshing the game will trigger more spawns to appear BUT there is an earier way to trigger them: the Language Changing Trick.

If you use the game options to change the language of the game, new spawns will appear in your yard without the need to refresh.

A video showing how to do this...:

Next to the bar showing your current level, there is a little SPANNER. Click it and a small set of options will appear:

To change the language, click the flag icon and you'll be asked to select which language.

Select a language, click DONE and the game will reproduce more spawns when the language changes. Don't forget to set it back to the correct language when you're done  Wink
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Yard Spawns - The Language Trick
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