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PostSubject: Relaxathon   Sun Sep 23, 2012 1:33 am


The last stage of this quest requires you to collect Lotus Flowers which spawn in your yard. Unfortunately, Lotus Flowers are no longer in the game. The only way to complete the Lotus Flower stage is to skip it by using SimCash. This will cost 35 SimCash - so unless you have 35 SimCash to spare, you'll NOT be able to complete this Relaxathon quest. You may buy and complete the Zen Garden (and acquire the Spatacula SteamMe Sauna), but not finish the quest.


Unlock this quest by reaching Level 5.

This is a TIMED quest - you have SEVEN DAYS in which to complete the Relaxathon quest. You must complete the quest in the allotted time in order to receive the reward. In this case, the extra Garden Plot. If you fail to complete the quest within the allotted time, the quest will expire and disappear.

Be careful of having too many timed items/quests on the go at any one time!

You will eventually need to harvest four Crystal Trees for stage three of this quest. They take 28 hours to grow. So plant them now. If the plants wither before you reach that stage, a neighbour could always revive them for you. DON'T harvest them BEFORE you are required to, or else they won't count! Wink

► ► PART ONE ◄ ◄

The first part of this quest requires you to massage two sims. You will need to visit or invite over two different sims. The following example uses Bella, but increase your relationship status to "FRIENDS".

When you are friends, click on any sofa or couch and the option to 'Massage' should appear:

To get Relaxation, you must ask your friends to give you some.

Lastly, purchase and place the FREE Zen Garden. This can be found in the OUTDOORS section of the shop, OR under the SKILLS tab under the Projects section.
Be warned that the Zen Garden is a timed buildable project item. You will have 10 days in which to complete the Zen Garden if you wish to claim the free Spatacula SteamMe Sauna as a reward.
For the full Zen Garden write up, click here.

Complete all three tasks to complete this stage of the quest.

► ► PART TWO ◄ ◄

In order to kiss other sims, you must first perform flirty interactions with them.

Invite over or visit three different sims. Choose to perform flirty actions until the option appears to give a ROMANTIC KISS. Do this Romantic Kiss action on three different sims.

Similarly, perform ten FRIENDLY interactions (those marked with speech bubbles) in order to complete the bottom stage of the quest.

As before with the Relaxation, ask friends for Love if you don't have enough.

Complete all three tasks to complete this stage of the quest.

► ► PART THREE ◄ ◄

Now, you need to plant four Crystal Trees. Refer to the Sow The Seeds quest, for the table which shows all the seeds available to plant, and other growing information - Crystal Trees are about half way down the list.

Click on your garden plots to plant and select the Crystal Trees. They cost 24 simoleons EACH to plant and they will take 28 hours REAL TIME before they are ready to be harvested.

If, however, you already planted them, then harvest them now. If you've already harvested them prior to reaching this stage of the quest, then you'll have to re-plant them as they won't have counted.

If, on the other hand, you've taken too long and they've withered, you will have to ask a neighbour to visit and revive them for you. That, or remove them yourself and replant - but you'll have to wait for them to grow again.

Meanwhile, you need to "earn 1000 simoleons by performing writing skill actions". Make sure you're Inspired and then click on your computer (or other Writing Skill item) and select "WRITE":

Work through the writing skill tasks until you've earned 1000 simoleons - the quest window will keep a total of how much you've earned.

A full breakdown of the writing skills offered by the computer can be found here: Moneywell GT3060

To meditate, click on your Zen Garden and select the 'Meditate' action. This is the action to build the Zen Garden. So click on any of the WORK buttons three times, and then OK.

OR, visit a neighbour who has the Zen Garden and Meditate there instead:

► ► PART FOUR ◄ ◄

This time, you need to plant ten Wheatgrass. Again, you can refer to the Sow The Seeds quest - Wheatgrass is pretty much right at the bottom of the list.

Click on your garden plots to plant and select the Wheatgrass. They cost 7 simoleons EACH to plant but they only take 15 minutes REAL TIME to grow. You can grow them in batches by using all four plots - so you should have all 10 plants in 45 minutes.

If you have to leave the game and they wither, ask a neighbour to visit and revive them for you (or remove and replant).

Like the previous task of earning simoleons with Writing Skill items, you now need to earn 1000 simoleons on Athletic Skill items. So make sure you're Inspired and then skill up on any athletic equipment. If you don't have any, you'll need to purchase something from the shop (Click the SKILLS tab and then ATHLETIC) - the further you are in the game, the more items will be available to you.

The last task requires you to drink from the Zen Garden. This does NOT necessarily mean the "Drink from the spring" action, which on the image below, is greyed out. You need to complete the Stage 2 Building of the Zen Garden before this option is available.

Otherwise, you just need to complete two tasks of the building in general to complete this stage of the Relaxathon quest. Click any WORK button twice, and then OK.

OR, visit a neighbour who has the Zen Garden and drink from their spring instead:

► ► PART FIVE ◄ ◄

The first and second stages of this are easy. Simply ensure your Hygiene need is taken care of and clean a dirty item in your home.

You could visit a friend in the hopes that they have something dirty for you to clean OR you could reuse an item of your own repeatedly until it becomes dirty. Doing this will not cost you any energy. In the bathroom, you can reuse the shower, bathroom basin or the toilet until they become dirty. Clean the item by using one energy.

As with previous parts (Relaxation and Love), if you don't have enough Sponges, you'll have to ask friends for them:

► ► PART SIX ◄ ◄
This is the final stage of the Relaxathon quest.

To complete the first task will require help from your friends. You'll need to click the "ASK FRIENDS" button in order to share a Wall Post which they'll need to click.

When your friends have clicked, their profile pictures will appear in the quest window. When enough friends have clicked, the task will appear ticked.

Unless you've completed building the Zen Garden, the SPLASH TOGETHER action is unavailable when you invite over a friend:

Visit a neighbour who has the Zen Garden and SPLASH TOGETHER in their Zen Garden instead:

They don't actually need to proceed with the action for it to count. In other words, the other sim can find your act boring and just not do the action with you, but it still counts in the quest. Do it three times. Very Happy

Unfortunately, the Lotus Flower part of this quest cannot be complete via normal means. Lotus Flowers were introduced into the game in April 2012 and no longer spawn in our yards. The ONLY way to complete this stage of the quest is to 'buy' the Lotus Flowers with SimCash. There's a post about this in the official forums:
Everything about: Rocks, Sand, Orchids, Lotus Flowers [MERGED]


When you've splashed about, skipped the Lotus Flower part and enough people have clicked on your post, you'll complete the Relaxathon quest and will have gained a fifth garden plot.

Completing this quest will unlock:
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