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 Get 2000 Free Facebook Credits ... Scams - they do NOT work!

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PostSubject: Get 2000 Free Facebook Credits ... Scams - they do NOT work!   Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:55 am

This post should be called how to get a virus on your PC. How to get infected with Malware, and the likes.

Simply click on one of the many scams doing the rounds on Facebook that 'claim' to give you thousands of FREE Facebook Credits.


They exist solely to spread 'disease' on your computer, pretending to be you and posting the scam to your friends and in your groups without you realising, so that others may be duped and click on them.

If if sounds too good to be true,
then it WILL be too good to be true!

Unfortunately this stuff is EVERYWHERE! This is a small snapshot of a thread posted on the official Sims Social app page on Facebook - people spam their posts like crazy:

POP QUIZ: How many of the following SimCash/Facebook Credits comments are genuine?
Answer: NONE

There's even a dedicated public page to promote such scams:

Avoid this page like the plague. I will add part of the URL for this purpose, but I will not make it clickable link:

And Events now, too - do us all a favour and click the REPORT link:

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Get 2000 Free Facebook Credits ... Scams - they do NOT work!
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