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 Memories from The Sims Social Everything (TSSE)

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PostSubject: Memories from The Sims Social Everything (TSSE)   Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:42 pm

Sims Social started back in August 2011.
The Sims Social Everything Group was started in September 2011.

I joined The Sims Social Everything early in 2012 - February I believe. It was the first group I'd joined for the game and it became my home; But it was the people I met and the friends I made that MADE Sims Social for me.

So it is to those very special friends that I say a big THANK YOU for making Sims Social what it was I love you 
Bethany, Gwenno, Stella, Addy, Charm, Argha, Yvonne, Chris, Sherri, Faiza, Alexa, Feri, Iris, Lyan, Johanna, Maritha, and many others.
Many thanks to you all.

All the following images have been taken from the group, The Sims Social Everything. All have been taken without permission so please get in touch if an image needs removing.

The very first image uploaded into the group was done so on 18th September, 2011. I thought it quite fitting to start this topic today... 18th September, 2013.

Notice there's no land expansions, no careers button, and no World Map button. Early days Smile

Another early one. Notice the old icon for the Daily Bonus on the left there.

A simple but elegant 'Blue Room', by one of the group admins. Very nice. Some simple stacking was done here - I spy that grey carpet peeping out from under the bed Laughing 

I'm assuming this person was referring to the G King Counter. Those panther statues lining the garden path were before my time, but "LIKE". Very Happy

Before we were given swimming pools, people used to try and create the illusion of them using floor tiles Cool

Twins! A common glitch. Triplets was rare though. Lil' doggy by the fireplace Very Happy 

As with swimming pools, before we were given new locations and new homes, people used to try and recreate their own beach-themes homes using floor tiles. This is one done by a group admin. WOW! They had radiators?! Before my time (again).

People built their own ponds too. I like those potted trees with the yellow flowers Smile

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin eater! scratch 
Not many people knew about the Leethax Firefox extension that allowed people to 'tweak' their game Wink

Group admin, kindly keeping us informed. Sadly, the Sims Social devs never really did get on top of that 65% loading issue. Shocked


A weird glitch, but sometimes the comments were just as funny Laughing

LOL Laughing

Whilst this person had run out of storage space, I noticed and LOVED the corner pond!
You can just see the brown FOR SALE sign peeping from behind a tree - land expansions have hit Littlehaven.

The floating candles in the jacuzzi were a nice touch. Smile

The Sims Social's first Halloween is approaching - the eerie coffin was one of the better yard spawns which was never reintroduced for the second Halloween a year later, sadly.

A nice pond. Just needs a lily pad under the toad - shame they didn't exist in-game.

Loving the pond areas in the front corners on the garden - and the fact that the path bridges over it. Smile
Cars are coming? Indeed they did... as well as motorbikes, boats and ships, hot air balloons, dragons... ... ... Laughing

Halloween inspired.
*sniff* I wanna home to decorate for Halloween this year (2013) Sad

Another Halloween-themed home. That front courtyard looks amazing - especially with that dark pond. I don't remember that and I started playing around Halloween that year; Maybe slightly before my time.

This was uploaded into the group by one of our admin. It was not her pond, but one she'd found while visiting other peoples homes. Thumbs up from me.

I don't know why the sim-community felt like that at the time, but the game itself died a very slow death when it wasn't taken offline when it should have been; And I know a lot of ex-simmers still feel very sad that the game is gone now. Crying or Very sad

The dreaded OOPS WE'VE HIT A SNAG error message. The bain of many peoples lives at the time. The error codes varied though.


Pink and black. It DOES actually work. Smile

Twins, again! ...And another LOL moment Laughing 

"Happy Halloween".
Messages via tile art Wink 

A fun photoshop of the OOPS WE'VE HIT A SNAG error.

What so many people wanted to do when they experienced 'problems' with Sims Social Wink 

Another Halloween themed home, with a 'Blood Pond'. Nice.

Very creative. LOVE IT!

A Halloween party... but where are the guests? Shocked 



A kitchen design.

WOW! Just, WOW!

An amphitheatre.

Another WOW! This is the rest of that kitchen theme posted three-pictures above.

Wait... WHAT?
You mean it wasn't always like this?! Shocked 

Colourful Smile 

An interesting twist on those home-made swimming pools. Great!

A movie room. Hmmm. Interesting.

I like this. A riverside resort? Or lakeside paradise?

Spaceship theme.

santa DECEMBER, 2011 santa 

TSSE's first Winter Wonderland. I love that waterfall effect made with a blue arcade machine. It had already gone from the shop before I started playing. I wished I'd had it on more than one occasion. tongue 

Ah! They gave us 'real' snow ready for Christmas... as opposed to using white carpets to fake it Wink We also had several nice Christmas trees to decorate. Nothing like that the following year - just one big tree.

It didn't happen very often, but it DID happen; And when it did, you just HAD to shout about it cheers 

The WAS an igloo available in-game ( but it was only offered for Sim Cash, so here is someone's alternative. Nice effort.

A winter garden. I like that pond area.

A nice outdoor winter space by the fire Very Happy 

Aaahhhh, Eugene! How I miss even your infamous face Neutral 

The group play around and experiment with logos.


A rustic feel to this.

An elevated pool... Or was it? Wink  LOL at this dude's headwear Laughing 

Where's Waldo! Several group members have fun with snowmen...

...and more fun...

...and even MORE FUN! Laughing 

Oh WOW! Admin remind us what Sims Social COULD have looked like Shocked 

Now THERE'S an island to be proud of Cool 

Game ads. They really did have some nice items for players - such a shame that a lot of the REALLY nice things were Sim Cash items Rolling Eyes 

Hmmm... yes.... but there was a much easier way to 'earn' Sim Cash, as we (almost) all found out towards the end Twisted Evil 

A Christmas Eve posting - Christmas greetings santa 

Nice idea Idea 

New Year celebrations at Club Glo Razz 

Happy New Year cheers 

Cool Very Happy 

jocolor  JANUARY, 2012 jocolor  

♪ Oh, Buddy's got his hat on, ♫
♫ Hip hip hip hip HOORAY ♫
♪ Buddy's got his hat on but the game won't start to play ♪ Evil or Very Mad 
Game down-time Neutral 

Oooh! Pwetty Smile 

I miss dressing up my sim. And WOW is that like a slashed neck? I never even knew THAT existed until I found this picture hidden away tongue 

What kind of bush breaks? ... ...Of course! A sim-bush! Only in Sims Social *head desk*

Another illusion


Oooh! Pwettier Smile 



Looks nice and colourful!

Thumbs up from me Smile 

Now THERE'S a Simoleon stash to be proud of!! Cool 

Cute Smile 

It's a jungle out there!

A "vacation house". Perfect!

Now THERE'S a jungle! Very Happy 

Some facts and figures from back in January 2012.

A simple island that loaded really easily.

Classy? Or trashy?

The day that the carpet grouping technique was removed from the game - 27th January, 2012.

"Marie Antoinette Week Home" Smile   Love that 'bridge' going over the water.


I don't remember THOSE positions on the yoga mat! Suspect 

Built by someone who'd only been playing for THREE weeks!

One of the comments had pointed out the line of girls waiting to use the loo. Creative Smile

Nice Smile

Weird Wonderland


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Memories from The Sims Social Everything (TSSE)
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