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 Mean Sims

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PostSubject: Mean Sims    Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:43 pm

While people tended to opt for friendly relationships in Sims Social, the mean relationships were often funny to watch. And that evil laugh gets me every time Very Happy

What mean interactions are in the video?
At the main home:
• Wonderland Cowplant - "Convince Sim to tease"
• Lucky Leaf Vineyard - "Pee in Vinyard"
• Simiyoga Soft-Landing Mat - "Put muddy feet on"
• Venutia Dough Counter - "Throw Flour" (two failed attempts)
• Ataraxia Leisure Pool / Ataraxia Poolside Fun Kit - "Pee in pool"
• Venutia Dough Counter - "Throw Flour" (finally!)
• Various verbal mean interactions, such as "Ask For Money Back", "Sneer" and "Patronise"
• Jinxy Broomstick - "Apply Super Glue"
• Prestige Glass Harmonica Table - "Break A Glass"
• Mr Fitt's SimZum Mat - "Spread Marbles"
• Kochanski Chess Set - "Mess Up Pieces"
• Smoothie's Saxaphone - "Mock sax playing"
• Constellation Dancer Telescope - "Pretend to spot UFO"
• RekTek Karaoke Machine - "Mock"
• Venutia Lusso Marble Bath - "Steal pearls"
At the Winter Chalet:
• Mr Füd's Home Pantry - "Mess up"
• Alpine Luxure Double Bed - "Place Fish"
• Wood-Be-Vanity Table - "Lipstick Scrawl" (failed attempt)
• Wintertide Patio Lounger - "Place Whoopee Cushion"
• Wood-Be-Vanity Table - "Lipstick Scrawl"
At Kingdom Of Simelot:
• SummerKnight Bed - "Mess Up Bed!"
• SummerKnight Bed - "Place Fish" (failed attempt)
unknown chair - "Place Whoopee Cushion"
• M'Lord's Throne - "Place Fake Spider"
• Queen's Riddle Collection - "Swap Book Covers"
• Various verbal mean interactions, such as "Slap", "Imply Mother Is A Llama" and "Fight!"
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Mean Sims
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