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 Holding Out for a Hero

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PostSubject: Holding Out for a Hero   Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:05 am

Holding Out for a Hero

Unlock this quest by completing the Right On Clue quest.

► ► PART ONE ◄ ◄

Earn 3000 simoleons by increasing your Music Skill.

Click the ASK FRIENDS button to generate the necessary wall post for your friends to click on - you need five clicks.

Meanwhile, use YOUR computer (must be done at home) to ORDER SUPERHERO MASK $20. You need to do this action five times, and each action will cost you 20 simoleons - so effectively, your mask costs you 100 simoleons Shocked

► ► PART TWO ◄ ◄

Visit or invite over five different sims and ASK FOR NEWS STORIES.

Search for animals in YOUR yard and TAKE PHOTO - on five different animals.

Click the green BUY NOW button (only visible if you're at home) and the game will take you directly to the appropriate tab in the shop where you need to purchase a pair of glasses - and according to the Wiki, earrings count for females! 

► ► PART THREE ◄ ◄

Time to rescue some animals! Cats can be found in fridges, Goldfish in toilets and frogs in baths! You need to rescue seven Cats, eight Goldfish and six Frogs.

You may have trouble finding neighbours with baths, so maybe do a shout-out on Facebook and see who has what.

► ► PART FOUR ◄ ◄

Generate the necessary wall post and have your friends click - you need five.

You also need to plant some crops and havest them for two consecutive days. Nothing that takes too long to grow, or you'll end up waiting longer than two days to finish this step.

Gather six Dreams too.

► ► PART FIVE ◄ ◄

Become Inspired.

Visit or invite over five different sims and perform both the INTERVIEW and the PRACTICE CITIZEN'S ARREST actions.

► ► PART SIX ◄ ◄

Simply click your mailbox and PICK UP SUPERHERO OUTFIT.

► ► PART SEVEN ◄ ◄

Find and wear your new SuperHero Mask...

...and while wearing it, visit or invite over five different sims and perform both the ANNOUNCE SUPERHERO POWERS and SHOW OFF POWERS actions.

► ► PART EIGHT ◄ ◄

To finally finish Holding Out For A Hero, generate the necessary wall post and have five friends click on it.

Also, click on your TV and WATCH SUPERHERO MOVIE for three days in a row.

Lastly, visit or invite over five different sims and APOLOGIZE. If you visit sims with whom you were 'mean', the Apologize action may already be displayed - otherwise, you'll have to do a mean interaction before the Apologize action will show.

According to the Wiki, Shining Example unlocks after completing this quest. I found this not to be the case as I personally had NOT finished Holding Out For A Hero when Shining Example became unlocked - Shining Example unlocked upon completing Citizens On Patroltongue

Holding Out For A Hero is the final quest in this quest chain.
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Holding Out for a Hero
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