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 4. Conserving Your Energy

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PostSubject: 4. Conserving Your Energy   Sat Sep 15, 2012 1:16 am

Completing quests is a good way of earning XP, simoleons and collectibles. But to complete the quests will deplete your energy.

You get one energy every five minutes, directly into your energy bar. To fill your bar up with the full 15 energy will take 1hr and 15 minutes REAL TIME.

This is quite time consuming.

Visiting Neighbours
Every time you visit a NEW property of a neighbour, you get a FIRST VISIT REWARD of THREE bonus energy (and some Social Points) into your energy bar.

So the first time you visit a neighbour's main home, and then visit their Beach home AND their penthouse - you will have gained NINE extra energy. It goes directly into your bar, so you don't have to spend this energy at your neighbour's home.

Every day you will get a bonus of FIVE energy every time you visit one of your neighbours - this is five free actions that you can perform at your neighbour's home. This is ANY five actions!

This image shows a full energy bar of 15, plus a First Visit Reward of three energy (taking the total energy to 18), AND the daily neighbour bonus 5 energy.

As you complete actions at your neighbours home, the bonus energy will deplete first. After you use the FIVE free energy, your regular energy will start to be used.

The above image shows that two actions have been completed at a neighbour's home, so two of the daily neighbour bonus energy have been depleted.

So, while completing quests, it can help you conserve your own energy in your energy bar if you visit your neighbours and use your daily neighbour bonus energy instead.

For example:
The Double Rainbow quest requires you to use 9 energy to collect various essescences.

Visit a neighbour's house to collect 5 of the essescences and visit a second neighbour to collect the remaining 4. This won't cost you any of your own energy - just the five daily bonus energy you get when you visit your neighbours!
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4. Conserving Your Energy
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