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PostSubject: WOOHOO    Wed May 15, 2013 9:46 pm

The Sims Social sure did offer some wacky places for their sims to engage in WOOHOO!

Here's a video - unfortunately lengthy at almost 13 minutes - showing just SOME of these places.

There were no 'shower scenes' except two, as you needed a specific relationship
for the majority of shower... err... nookie! Laughing

Where did these sims engage in their WOOHOO behaviour?
Main Property:
• Amour Heart Waterbed
• Spatacula BubblePro Hot Tub
• Sapphire Lover's Cove
• Myr'ahj Mosaic Bath
• Ataraxia Leisure Pool (with the added Poolside Fun Kit)
• Forget-Me-Not Gazebo
• Sea Of Dreams Bed
• Bottle-Shaped Shower
• Shanghai Bath
• Blossom Combivan
• The Great Dragon Tower
• Venutia Lusso Marble Bath
• Myr'ahj Peacock Bed
• Cleopatra's Milk Bath
• StirrMeLazy Tub
• ArcSteam Automobile
• Unicorn Chariot
• FlyAway Hot Air Balloon (not really a Woohoo, but added anyway)
Beach Vacation Home:
• Spatacula Shhh Bliss Bed
• Zen Garden
• Sealox Luxury Yacht
• Unsinkable Love Boat
City Penthouse:
• KasKayde Executive Shower (again, not really a Woohoo, but added anyway)
• SleepBurb MetroRise Bed
• InSimity Skytide Hot Tub
• SolTrain Gazebo
• DragonBug 270
Winter Chalet:
• Alpine Luxure Double Bed
• Alpine Onyx Tub
• JetQueen Luxure Pool
• ColdSnap Hot Spring
Kingdom Of Simelot Medieval Castle:
• SummerKnight Bed
• Poseidon Marble Bathtub
• Tower Of Faith
• Maze Of Mystery
• SummerKnight Waterfall
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