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 Business Time

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PostSubject: Business Time   Thu May 02, 2013 8:37 pm

Business Time

Unlock this quest by completing the Where The Art Is quest.

► ► PART ONE ◄ ◄

You will need to buy a TV that costs 1000 simoleons or more. You may have to invest in the Zimantz Wide-Eye 32 for 2000 simoleons. Any buildable TV will need building before the quest recognizes it.

You will also need a sofa - any will do. Some will need building and some will not.

I'm not 100% sure what you need to do to complete the Absorb Culture part of this stage - as it's already displaying as completed! I assume you simply need to click on your TV and there will be an action to ABSORB CULTURE - but there is no such action being displayed for me - not even greyed out like there normally is  Rolling Eyes
If this is incorrect, maybe you simply need to WATCH TV a few times  scratch

Collect seven Topaz.

Meanwhile, visit your sim friends and click WATCH TV TOGETHER on their TVs. You could do this at home by inviting them over, but seeing as you need to visit other sims and RUMMAGE on their sofas, it makes sense to use their TVs too. WATCH TV TOGETHER six times (your sim neighbour will need a sofa AND TV!) , and RUMMAGE seven times.

► ► PART THREE ◄ ◄

Collect five Amplifiers, and ask for three Graphs (generate the necessary wall post and have three friends click it).

Meanwhile, spend 500 simoleons on electrical equipment from the shop. Buildables (such as the Stere-whoah! for 900 simoleons) do not need building, just purchasing.

► ► PART FOUR ◄ ◄

Purchase any new item of clothing worth more than 750 simoleons.

Work on your Art Skill long enough for you to earn 1000 simoleons - your Art Skill must be at level 5 or higher before your earnings count though  Rolling Eyes

Lastly you need to talk about art with other sims. This is a random friendly action. You can see in this image that the TALK ABOUT ART action was available early on, but any of those actions that you performed will not count - they must be new ones.

Do friendly interactions until TALK ABOUT ART shows up. If you have greyed-out actions, like in this image (Get Advice on Dogs, Ask About Cats and Lady Fong's Lucky Book) - these are tied to other active quests. Completing these other active quests will increase the chances of the action you need  - Talk About Art - to actually appear. Do this action six times - with six different sims.

► ► PART FIVE ◄ ◄

Use a telephone and choose to BEG FOR FOOD - do this action once per day for three successive days.

Meanwhile, visit (or invite over) ten different sims and ask for SPARE CHANGE PLEASE? (you'll need to be in either a friendly or romantic relationship though).

Lastly, become inspired.

► ► PART SIX ◄ ◄

Simply collect fifteen Muse, have any stereo, then use that stereo to DANCE LIKE NOBODY IS WATCHING - ten times (has to be done at home but your sim will get bored of the action, so beware)!

► ► PART SEVEN ◄ ◄

You can ask your friends to send you some Nutty Snack Bars. They drop randomly from eating/cooking actions (such as the Have A Snack action on the refrigerator); Or you could ask your friends to generate some wall posts for you if they have the G King Counter - serving apple pie generates a Nutty Snack Bar reward (as long as certain conditions have been met).

You will also need to visit or invite over ten different neighbours and TEACH INTERPRETIVE DANCE (you'll need a friendly or romantic relationship though).

Lastly, to complete Business Time in its entirety, become inspired.

Completing this quest will unlock:
Toast Master General
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Business Time
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