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 Right On Clue

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PostSubject: Right On Clue   Thu May 02, 2013 8:21 pm

Right On Clue

Unlock this quest by completing the Needs To Know quest.

► ► PART ONE ◄ ◄

Unfortunately, this first step is going to take you three days to complete - you'll need to use a bookshelf (yours or a friends') to READ DETECTIVE NOVEL. Do this action once per day for three successive days.

Meanwhile, buy a new hat - any will do - and click your computer (has to be done at home) to RESEARCH CRIMES; Do this action five times.

Finish your thrice-daily task of reading those detective novels to complete this step.

► ► PART TWO ◄ ◄

For the first part you COULD ask friends to send you Clues - OR you could simply click on trash cans/bins and bushes and SEARCH FOR CLUES seven times.

For the second part however, you WILL need your friends to send you Clues (although they look more like Hints in the quest screen) - click to ASK FRIENDS and generate the required wall post for your friends to click on. However, according to the Wiki, you can visit or invite over your friends and simply ask them Shocked

Gather up fifteen Plans to complete this stage.

► ► PART THREE ◄ ◄

Visit six different sims: TAP PHONE LINE and INTERROGATE each sim.

Lastly, become inspired.

► ► PART FOUR ◄ ◄

To gather the Anonymous Tips, click the ASK FRIENDS button and generate the necessary wall post for people to click on.

Vist the homes of five different sims and use their computers to TRACE INTERNET HISTORY.

Finally, wait twelve hours before clicking on your mailbox to RECEIVE ANONYMOUS TIP.

► ► PART FIVE ◄ ◄

Unfortunately, already being the proud owner of a desk will not suffice for this task, so you'll have to buy another. Click the green BUY NOW button (it which will only appear if you're at one of your own homes) for examples of what will count. In the image below, the Oh Wheely Tan is acceptable, and it's only 150 simoleons.

You will also need to buy a NEW chair for 500 simoleons or more AND collect ten Muse.

► ► PART SIX ◄ ◄

Yet another task that will take three days to complete: PONDER in a chair once per day for three successive days.

Meanwhile, use a bookcase to LEAF THROUGH BOOKS six times. You may use a friends' bookcase to do this, but you can definitely do all six actions on the same bookcase.

Visit or invite over seven different sims and ASK FOR ONE MORE THING.

► ► PART SEVEN ◄ ◄

Click on your mailbox to SEND EVIDENCE.

Visit or invite over three different sims and ACCUSE.

Lastly, to complete Right On Clue in its entirety, simply wait 24 hours before clicking on your telephone to CALL POLICE.

Completing this quest will unlock:
Holding Out for a Hero
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Right On Clue
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