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 My Pets with Video

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PostSubject: My Pets with Video   Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:06 pm

Pet's didn't take off in Sims Social as well as they'd hoped I don't think - indeed, a lot of their features didn't take off as well as they'd hoped: Pets, Careers, SimSnap...

Before we lose the game completely, these are my pets. I was going to do a section on Pets for the forum and include all the training levels. But there's no point now.

So here are my regular pets:
I'm sat with Pongo my Dalmatian.
Ebony, my Labrador, is sat in the Mr Doggy Throne.
"Imposter!" My Pug, Pugsley, is NOT impressed with the My Pug Pal.
Hunter, my Cocker Spaniel is prancing about in front of the fireplace.
And Chaz, my Husky, is playing in the Dogstacle Course.

Comic, my Russian Blue, is sniffing at the plant in the corner of the room, while my Ginger Tabby, Tabitha, makes a run for it. Maybe she needs the litter box Suspect
My lazy Persian, Caspian, snoozes at the foot of one of the sofas.
Simon, my Siamese, plays on the Cat Tower.

No, you couldn't have all these pets out all at the same time, so yes this IS a heavily photoshopped image. tongue

Cali, my cow;
And the limited edition WWF Panda (available only with SimCash), which wasn't a 'true' pet, it was more a decorative item.

Our winter pets: Bambi my Deer (how original!) What a Face and Poppy my Polar Bear.

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My Pets with Video
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