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 Raising The Bar

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PostSubject: Raising The Bar   Sat Sep 15, 2012 12:19 am

Raising The Bar

Unlock this quest by completing the Look Your Best quest.

Satisfy all your Needs to become Inspired:

While Inspired, Click on your computer and select WRITE. This is a SKILL action, and so will open up a skill menu.

As you can see, by performing the Simple Email task you will earn a total of 18 simoleons - so click the green WRITE button three times to perform the action three times and earn 54 simoleons. More than enough to complete the quest. Don't forget to click DONE!
NOTE: If at this point you have not yet completed the first stage of the Smart Start quest, that part of the quest requires you to take an IQ Test FOUR TIMES and will also earn you the 40 simoleons needed to complete this quest. Allowing you to spend only FOUR energy instead of EIGHT!

Completing this quest will unlock:
A Welcome Gift
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Raising The Bar
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