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 Random Sims Social Sounds Video

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PostSubject: Random Sims Social Sounds Video   Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:28 pm

Some of the sounds from The Sims Social. Yes they were annoying and we all toggled the sound and/or music to OFF but now the game is being retired, I suspect we'll begin to miss them Wink

This video is mainly for music and sound rather than anything visual.

This video starts with the loading screen music and the Welcome Back jingle that people heard when they'd spent significant time away from the game.

Notice the birds at the main property... Then I went to visit some of the other properties to listen to their background music.
  • The beach noises and seagulls of the beach house.
  • Traffic and birds at the penthouse (along with my sim typing and washing her hands). Then she went for a helicopter ride on the DragonBug 270.
  • The spooky howlings and crowing noises of our haunted house.
  • The bells of the winter chalet.
  • The medieval sounds of the Kingdom of Simelot location - together with a blow on the Tower Of Toot.
Back to the main property and some of the music from a stereo (UltiMax Top Deck) and some of the music skill items.
  • Smoothie's Saxaphone
  • VicAges Harp
  • Unsinkable Quartet
Skilling on the Unsinkable Quartet, in my opinion, sounded like Pachelbel's Canon Very Happy

Then I opened the Backpack for the menu music and did a silly little dance with my mouse pointer bounce

Then on into the shop for a quick browse before diving into the wardrobe.

The video ends with the angry sounds of my sim talking to herself (Insane Trait).

Random Simlish (Sim language) and sim-action sounds can also be heard throughout the video.
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Random Sims Social Sounds Video
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