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 To LIKE or not to LIKE!

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PostSubject: To LIKE or not to LIKE!   Fri Sep 14, 2012 6:37 am

To LIKE or not to LIKE!

To click LIKE on any normal day-to-day post is nice. You let the poster see that you've seen it - you liked it (literally).

To click LIKE on a Sims Social post is a totally different ball game.

Some people like having their posts LIKED. They can see that
  • A) someone's claimed the rewards, and
  • B) If it's a "HELP ME" post (such as "Please send me Hope/Hype/Bread/Glass/etc."), they can see how many people have helped.
However, not everyone likes having their Sims Social posts LIKED. It clogs up the NOTIFICATIONS. Worse still if you're online, it clogs up and takes over your monitor - NOT at all helpful if you have an old, small monitor. Also, so many notifications scrolling on your screen can actually cause the game to crash if you're in-game!

If you have hundreds of friends/neighbours, do you really NEED to know how many have claimed the reward from your bonus? If you have hundreds of neighbours, chances are your HELP ME posts will be fulfilled in minutes, so is it really necessary to have people LIKE it so you know who's helped?

Many people have the view that they do you a favour by sharing the posts in the first place - not everyone does! So rather than thank them by clicking LIKE, thank them by simply sharing you own posts so that they may claim rewards from you.

You have been warned. Think twice before you click that LIKE, or enable that auto-like feature on your bonus collector!

There have been many debates on the whole "LIKE" issue. Some people are FOR it and some are AGAINST it. Agree to disagree - everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But acknowledge that some people don't like the LIKES - either don't click LIKE on their posts, or politely unfriend that person to save everyone the aggro!

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To LIKE or not to LIKE!
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