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 April 2013 Freebies - DISCONTINUED

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PostSubject: April 2013 Freebies - DISCONTINUED   Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:59 am

April 2013 Freebies
Freebies coloured RED have just been added here!
Due to the difficulty in locating the sources since the closure of The Sims Social Everything group, I have decided NOT to list the source anymore.

Monday April 1st
Inspired Potion:
An-Egg-A-Day Surprise #2: Inspired Potion:
Charmed Golden Apple Seat:

Tuesday April 2nd
3 Energy:
75 Social Points:
Magic Petals:
An-Egg-A-Day Surprise #3: 100 Simoleons:
Another Good Night's Crest Bed:

Wednesday April 3rd
An-Egg-A-Day Surprise #4: Love:
75 Social Points:

Thursday April 4th
3 Energy:
Muse (another):
2 Energy:
An-Egg-A-Day Surprise #5: 3 Energy:

Friday April 5th
Elbow Grease:

Unfortunately, due to time constraints and other real life commitments, I have decided to discontinue adding game Freebies here in the forum - at least for the time being anyway. Sorry folks.

Freebies are gathered into one place by most if not all groups, so seek the Freebies Doc in YOUR group.

If you're NOT in a group then my only question to you is WHY NOT? Question

Apply to join The Sims Social Club (TSSC) today!
Other places where you may seek Sims Social freebies are:
• Sims Social app page
• Official EA/Playfish Community Forums
• Sims Social FANsite[/size]

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April 2013 Freebies - DISCONTINUED
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