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 Gamers Unite Snag Bar - the Bonus Collector of choice since the demise of FGS

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PostSubject: Gamers Unite Snag Bar - the Bonus Collector of choice since the demise of FGS   Fri Sep 14, 2012 12:52 am

Gamers Unite Snag Bar

The Gamers Unite Snag Bar is a toolbar that works with your browser. Therefore, it isn't a Facebook app. There is a Gamers Unite Facebook page though.
The great thing about the Snag Bar is that it collects in REAL TIME! Whenever one of your friends makes a wall post, the Snag Bar will detect it, and if you're eligible to claim it, it will do it for you. This makes the Snag Bar a great tool to use when you're away from your keyboard - the only drawback though is that you have to stay logged in to Facebook. The same thing can be achieved with FGS, but you'd have to use it with an Auto Clicker.

To download the toolbar, visit here: download Gamers Unite Snag Bar toolbar.

It is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox/Waterfox and (more recently) Google Chrome.

Download the toolbar by clicking on INSTALL TOOLBAR.

In Internet Explorer, the following message will (eventually) display:

In Google Chrome, it'll look like this:

As instructed, click RUN (or OPEN) and then proceed through the installation wizard...

Upon completing installation, you will probably find that another Internet Explorer window has opened, with the following message:

As instructed, click to ENABLE. The toolbar will then pop up at the top of the browser where toolbars generally go, and the page will redirect to the Gamers Unite page and a message that says, "Extension installed sucessfully!".

In Google Chrome, you may see the following warning:


Confirm that you wish to install the Snag Bar and the Gamers Unite icon will appear in the top right hand corner:

The Snag Bar may want to connect to Facebook (not necessarily in Chrome)...

... so sign in with Facebook.

So, what does the toolbar look like? In Firefox and Internet Explorer it looks like this:

It runs the length of your browser, so this is just half of it - the important half!

In Chrome, click the Gamers Unite icon and you'll get this:

Click START and then you'll be asked to sign in to Facebook:

It's quite possible that the Snag Bar in Chrome will default to searching for Farmville bonuses. You will need to click on PREFERENCES and check the box marked Sims Social. Do NOT allow any auto comments. Also, Snag Bar displays a small pop-up everytime it snags a bonus. If you do not wish this pop-up to appear, tick the appropriate box.

In Firefox and Internet Explorer, to get to the same PREFERENCES list, click the grey cog on the toolbar:

The minute you select SIMS SOCIAL to collect from, you'll be presented with a list of bonuses that you may, or may not, wish to collect. Confirm which bonuses you wish to collect. Pay attention to the Snag all new items not listed below - make sure this is ticked so that the Snag Bar collects all available new rewards.
If you ever need to return to this screen, click the options link.

Click the tab marked SNAGGED ITEMS to see which bonuses you've collected.

You cannot claim while in-game. So to stop claiming, click on the Gamers Unite icon and click to STOP.
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Gamers Unite Snag Bar - the Bonus Collector of choice since the demise of FGS
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