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 March 2013 Freebies

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PostSubject: March 2013 Freebies   Sat Mar 02, 2013 10:08 am

March 2013 Freebies
Freebies coloured RED have just been added here!
Due to the difficulty in locating the sources since the closure of The Sims Social Everything group, I have decided NOT to list the source anymore.

Friday March 1st
Goodwill: ZCuqaf
3 Energy: Y1zn9v
Garden Toolkit: XGxnr1
Hammer: WXhhtr
10 Energy: XEPD0U
Muse: XEexh8
Goodwill: YAFDox
Muse: 15ednPy
6th Sense Casual dress:

Saturday March 2nd
100 Social Points: XGBgfy
Rubber Duckie: XGEHmD
Love: XGCZl6
Hope: XGEVdi

Sunday March 3rd
Elbow Grease: XGF1Si
Logic: XGFaoL
3 Energy: XGFHad

Monday March 4th
Happiness: XGG1FU
Goodwill: 12nvjJa
Palm Leaf: 12nzdS9
Muse: 12nzMvm

Tuesday March 5th
3 Energy: 12nA5X1
Plans: 12nvt3e
Old Key: 15uEUeQ
Nails: ZYUKvj
Water: 14nkKRE
Elbow Grease: 14nlHtj
10 Energy: YvFkyB
Nails (another): VAuKHU
SummerKnight Gargoyle: XOQfUV

Wednesday March 6th
Watering Can: Z9CKzt
Rubber Duckie: 14nkrWQ

Thursday March 7th
3 Energy: Z9E2KO
Elbow Grease: 12vOiBn
Hammer: 12vOWPh
Trowel: 12vP3dA
Brush: 12vPgNR
2000 Simoleons:

Friday March 8th
Duster: 12vPswB
Screws: X0zt7v
Cloth: X0B25v
Exotic Forest Wood: X0zZCH
Hammer: XvV6L5
100 Social Points: X0BNvj

Saturday March 9th
3 Energy: XWAvPG
Duster: XWAGL0
Entertainment: YSxPid
Muse: Ztfe0A

Sunday March 10th
Muse: YSxXy8
Fury: YSy0Kg
Goodwill: VT5exJ
Idea: VT7p4l

Monday March 11th
Relaxation: VT6p05
Love: XgdN7H
Velvet: Xge8r3
250 Social Points: WE1Tnw
SummerKnight Bird Bath: 13Q2zIr

Tuesday March 12th
Nails: XgesG5
2 Goodwill: 15JnEml
Exotic Forest Wood: 15JmjMj
3 Hammers: 15JnVpk
3 Ideas: 15Joa3O
4 Elbow Grease: 15JpnYM

Wednesday March 13th
Goodwill: Y9xqcb
100 Simoleons: 13SxfJa
2 Trowel: 13SwNdI
2 Stone: 13SwDTO
2000 Simoleons: 13VWNFB
2 Rubber Gloves: 13SwShu

Thursday March 14th
Clover Leaf: XrvW2x
3 Energy: 13Sx1BD
1500 Social Points: Z5pVVM
Paint Cans: ZNOB6w
Muse: 10LJG4Y
Wrench: YbDcNm
3 Energy (another): 13YfF6H
Good Night's Crest Bed: WwmIkO

Friday March 15th
Muse: ZNOSqd
Solid Wood: 153NMWX
Lucky Leaf Mystery Box #1: 10OYK1S

Saturday March 16th
100 Simoleons: 153Q08J
Exotic Forest Wood: 13VQpy1
100 Social Points: 153PGXk
Nails: 153QPOM
Lucky Leaf Mystery Box #2: 10Vrgmi

Sunday March 17th
2 Energy: 153Rsrt
Relaxation: 153T3Oe
Lucky Leaf Mystery Box #3: 10VrZUk

Monday March 18th
Goodwill: 153UjAM
3 Energy: 10VsePh
Screws: 1466zF1
Lucky Leaf Mystery Box #4: 1469P3i
3 Energy (another): 1469P3i
Goodwill (another): Ycagny
1800 Simoleons: XUYXBF
SayCheers Goggles - MALE: 15WDEBA
SayCheers Goggles - FEMALE: ZO7vH8

Tuesday March 19th
Watering Can: WATnn2
Woodwork: 15Xh3EU
Lucky Leaf Mystery Box #5: 15XhoHL

Wednesday March 20th
Muse: 15XhcIy
Hammer: WUEDBM
2000 Simoleons:
Wrench: WUEKgK
Watering Can: WUEWwv
Lucky Leaf Mystery Box #6: WUFt1k
Nails: WUFang
Shanghai Lion Statue (another one to go with last month's statue): XZNUcy

Thursday March 21st
3 Energy: WUFhiw
Fairy Wishes: XrASUR
2 Hammers: 11iuRqZ
100 Social Points: 11ivdxG
500 Social Points: Yr8X5i
Goodwill: YIhjSf
Bliss: Ybvzte

Friday March 22nd
Glamour: 15tNfxI
Hammer: WIaPpz
Entertainment: YvoP3E
Bliss: WIc8F3
3 Energy: WIekwo

Saturday March 23rd
Cloth: WYwAUC
100 Social Points: WYxHU7 (expired)

Sunday March 24th
Goodwill: WYzOHw (expired)
Hammer: YJEMSW
Relaxation: YJFbVm
100 Social Points: YJFu2A

Monday March 25th
3 Energy: YJFOyk
Cloth: WQ9HAu
Marble: WQa3H7
150 Social Points: WQaam1
EverAfter Glass Slipper: X8kk3L

Tuesday March 26th
3 Energy: WQaiC7
Hammer: 11FLjFz
Bouquet: 11FMgh7

Wednesday March 27th
Glitter: 10cZA6e
3 Energy: Zo9GQL
Steel: Zo9KzY
Glamour: 10d5nc7
Entertainment: ZVPIxB
Forum Scavenger Hunt: Hunt For The Magic Ingredients:
• Muse: 10cZcEX
• Inspired Potion: 10cZr2J
• Fury: 10cYOX8
• 100 Simoleons: 10cYUhr
• 50 Social Points: 10cYQ13

Thursday March 28th
3 Energy: YDJc1z
100 Social Points: YDJ6qL
Muse: 14vcQdA
Inspired Potion: 14vd7NK
75 Social Points: 103GxxV
Muse (another): 10W18W0
Admiration: 10lwx1N

Friday March 29th
Fury: 14vdkR2
Fear: 14vdPuu
Love: 14veyM8
Relaxation: 14ve34K
75 Social Points: 14vf8tc
1000 Social Points: 11XCmaZ
500 Social Points: 10X59d0

Saturday March 30th
3 Energy: 14vflg9
Magic Petals: 14vgGn6
2 Energy: Ynxs42

Sunday March 31st
100 Simoleons: 15UihyW
Admiration: 16j9VTE
An-Egg-A-Day Surprise #1: Alchemy: 16jaI6M
Forum Easter Egg Hunt:
• Egg #1: Love: 10d3DzJ
• Egg #2: 2 Energy: 10d3QTm
• Egg #3: Fear: YDHEol
• Egg #4: Fury: 10d46Sf
• Egg #5: 75 Simoleons: 10d3SKR

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March 2013 Freebies
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