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 Auto Collect Game Bonuses

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PostSubject: Auto Collect Game Bonuses   Fri Sep 14, 2012 12:51 am

Auto Collect Game Bonuses

Auto Collect Game Bonues App Page

► ► At present, there is no auto-like or auto-comment feature on this app. ◄ ◄

This is a bonus collector that is available directly through Facebook. As with any bonus collector, it will only collect gifts that you are eligible to claim. Nor will it display any bonuses already claimed. Click the link: Auto Collect Game Bonuses

For a video tutorial on how to install and use this app, click here.

Install screen:

Once installed, it will look like this:

From the drop-down list, choose the game from which you wish to collect. This particular bonus collector works with many games, not just Sims Social. Sims Social is listed under 'T' for THE Sims Social.

Choose all the games you wish to collect from, and then click COLLECT ALL MY GIFTS.

Once clicked, it will analyse your Newsfeed for all available bonuses. Wait while it analyses, until you get the green Collect Done message.

If you're only interested in collecting a certain item, for example simoleons: type 'simoleons' into the filter box and then click FILTER. Only those posts which have simoleons as a reward will be collected.

To remove a filter, simply erase the word and click on FILTER again, to display ALL results.

When you're ready to claim, you must remember to click on the red link to "Check All", to actually tick all the bonuses you want to collect. The link is displayed just above the bonus images

When this is done, you must finally choose a Claiming Time.

This basically means how much time the collecter will spend collecting each post. Keep it close to the estimated value.
When you've selected a claiming time, click to CLAIM MY GIFTS AUTOMATICALLY.
NB: For a description of the Claim My Gifts Manually button, scroll down.

Upon clicking to collect automatically, a new tab will open. Your bonuses will be collected and displayed in the new tab. DO NOT CLOSE THIS NEW TAB! The number of collected bonuses will display inside the picture of the giant gift.

When all bonuses have been claimed, the new tab will close automatically and you'll have the option to SHARE a post that says you've used the Auto Collect Game Bonuses app to claim your bonuses. It will also say which friends you've claimed gifts from.

Claim My Gifts Manually
By clicking the Claim My Gifts Manually button, you will be presented with a list of all your bonuses, like shown in the image below.

As it says in the description, you have to manually click each bonus link in turn, and when you have finished, click the SAVE button to update the application history and share with your friends.

I guess this is a little like manually clicking to claim the bonuses in your newsfeed, the only difference being you can filter them and they're all in one place.
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Auto Collect Game Bonuses
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