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 Pop-Ups and how to turn them off

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PostSubject: Pop-Ups and how to turn them off   Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:24 pm

Pop-Ups and How To Turn Them Off

While playing The Sims Social, you've probably encountered those little game notifications that pop-up at the bottom of your screen. For those people who have a fairly large monitor, they're not quite so much of an annoyance...

But for those stuck with a smaller monitor than most, those pop-ups can get right in the way - especially when you happen to be clicking in that section of your screen just as a pop-up pops up and overrides your game Evil or Very Mad

To turn off ALL Facebook notifications would require some personal account tweaking BUT you can turn off those pop-ups related to just the game, quite easily. Those are the ones that pop up whenever someone sends you a gift, or sends you a request to your game-inbox.

To do this, click HOME and then navigate to your App Center. Then click on Your Apps, and find The Sims Social. Click on Settings.

When the Settings box is shown, look for the When to notify you? setting, and change it to NEVER.

Remember, this just turns off notifications from The Sims Social.
To turn off other notifications - such as "LIKES" - will require you to make some
personal changes to your Facebook account.

Another way to quickly turn off your game notifications, would be to navigate to your Account Settings and click on Notifications in the left-hand menu.

In the Notifications Menu, scroll down to App requests and activity and click Edit.

Find The Sims Social in the list of apps that appears - you might have to click on Show More - and simply remove the tick from the box to disable notifications.
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Pop-Ups and how to turn them off
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