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 FGS - Fancy (and Friendly) Gaming Simplifier - currently not working

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PostSubject: FGS - Fancy (and Friendly) Gaming Simplifier - currently not working   Fri Sep 14, 2012 12:49 am

Please use an alternative Bonus Collector.
Monday 17th December, 2012

Fancy Gaming Simplifier (FGS)

afro Feri's Website: FGS

FGS stands for Fancy Gaming Simplifier. It used to be known as Friendly Gaming Simplifier - it has a new 'owner' and he changed the name.

FGS have a Community Page on Facebook. Click to view.

FGS is not a bonus collector offered by Facebook, but is a browser extension - it needs downloading.

It works with Firefox and Google Chrome but now that Chrome has altered the way that third-party extensions are installed, the browers have two different ways of installing FGS.

So, firstly you need to download the up-to-date version of FGS:
(If you simply want to know HOW to use FGS, scroll down towards the bottom of the page.)

For Firefox:
For Google Chrome:

► ► ► FIREFOX ◄ ◄ ◄
(For Google Chrome, scroll down beyond the Firefox explanation)

When you click the download link for Firefox, you'll get this dialogue box:

Click to SAVE THE FILE. When the download is finished, and you see this popup:

Click the popup to open your Firefox Downloads box (alternately, go to your Menu bar and click Tools/Downloads).

Double click this newly downloaded file. You MAY get the "Windows can't open..." dialogue box:

In which case, select "SELECT A PROGRAM FROM A LIST OF INSTALLED PROGRAMS", as shown above.

Then highlight FIREFOX as the program to use.

(If Firefox isn't showing in your list of programs, Click BROWSE and find it on your computer. It will probably be somewhere in the Program Files [C:\ ► Program Files ► Mozilla Firefox] Look for the file that looks like this:
Select it and it will then show up in your list of programs to use.)

Click OK and Firefox will begin the install procedure for FGS.


To complete installation, simply click to Restart Firefox:

Once Firefox has restarted, it would appear that nothing has changed. BUT you'll notice that a little FGS Icon has been added next to the address bar:

Congratulations! You've successfully installed FGS for Firefox. Scroll down beyond the HOW TO INSTALL FOR GOOGLE CHROME for how to use FGS.

► ► ► GOOGLE CHROME ◄ ◄ ◄

When you click the download link for Chrome, you'll get the download pop-up at the bottom of the screen:

When the file has finished downloaded, Chrome will then display the following message:

This is because Chrome has changed the way it allows third party extensions to install. Instead, click:
at the bottom of the screen. Then click to open your downloads folder:

You will now need to locate the FGS installation file that you just downloaded. Depending on how you have your folder settings, it will look like one of these:

Once you have located the file on your computer, open Google Chrome and go to your extensions page. You can either type in:
-OR- click on the little Wrench Icon to open up the Chrome menu, then click SETTINGS and then EXTENSIONS.

Then drag and drop the downloaded file into the Chrome extensions page to begin installation.

This video will show you how to do this (although the file is initially downloaded using Internet Explorer).
Video to show HOW to add FGS to Google Chrome

And that's how to download and install FGS to Google Chrome.


To use FGS, you must be online and you must be logged in to Facebook. FGS will not run if your computer is switched off! The FGS icon will be greyed out if you are not logged in to Facebook.

For a video tuorial on how to use FGS once installed, click here.

Log in to Facebook. Click the FGS icon and a small menu will appear. Click OPEN GIFTLIST.
This is the initial view of FGS:

FGS is compatible with many Facebook games. We're only interested in Sims Social. Scroll down and tick to Enable Sims Social. An options box will appear above the list of games:

  • You DO want FGS to show this game bonuses on FGS start.
  • You DON'T want to 'auto-like' bonuses!
  • You DON'T want to 'like' Items Requiring Action bonuses.
  • It's up to you if you want to hide successful bonuses from your Newsfeed.
  • It's up to you if you want to hide 'limit error'* bonuses from your Newsfeed.
  • It's also up to if you want to appear in FGS's Neighbours Search.


Clicking to use a custom URL for source for bonuses, will bring up any lists you have created on Facebook, so you can tell FGS in which lists to search for bonuses.

My own FGS is set up as follows:

Now click on RECEIVE BONUSES FROM ALL GAMES to start collecting bonuses, and click on the Sim Social logo to see your bonuses: Be aware that it may take a minute for your bonuses to appear into FGS as it needs to analyse them first...

FGS will list all your available bonuses on this screen. It will show the little images that come on the bonus. The minute you click to collect, the little images will be replaced by yellow and grey circular arrows. These arrows show that the bonuses have been added to the collection queue.

Now, as more people post more bonuses to their Newsfeed for you to collect, FGS will scan for these and add them to your bonuses page BUT it will NOT automatically add them to your collection queue (which is what the above image shows - some are in the queue (those with arrows) and some are not). You can click on these manually to add them to the queue, or you can simply click to Receive All Items. The bonuses will not actually 'move', but they will be added to the END of the queue - which is why you can often see FGS working on bonuses half way down the page rather than right at the top of the page.

Bonuses which display a big green tick, have been successfully collected and are moved to the Collected Bonuses tab.

Bonuses which display a big red prohibited sign have NOT been claimed. More often than not these are LIMIT ERRORS - those bonuses that say SORRY ALL GIFTS HAVE BEEN CLAIMED. Other bonuses that will display this are those you cannot claim because YOUR SIM JUST CAN'T HANDLE ANY MORE GIFTS FOR THE DAY.

These failed bonuses are moved to the Failed Bonuses tab.

So, quite often, you'll have more failed bonuses than collected ones. This is normal.

To keep FGS running smoothly, it is preferable to click into these two Collected and Failed bonuses tabs and click to CLEAR HISTORY and CLEAR EVERYTHING. This just deletes all the old bonuses from FGS.

By clicking the COG icon at the top of FGS, will take you back to the Game Selection section:

Click the OPTIONS tab:

This shows the DEFAULT running options of FGS. I have highlighted two boxes. You can tell FGS to ignore bonuses that are a certain 'age' - for example, if you haven't run FGS in a day or two and you know for sure that a lot of them will have already been claimed by others, you ask FGS to ignore these bonuses by selecting '1 day' or '2 days'.

You can also set FGS to automatically delete the failed and collected bonus history if it's older than the specified time.

When FGS has claimed all the bonuses, you can simply exit the tab or window as you would any other.
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FGS - Fancy (and Friendly) Gaming Simplifier - currently not working
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