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 Wall Post: Fire

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PostSubject: Wall Post: Fire   Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:39 am

The following wall posts offer Fire as a reward for claiming:

Dark Wings (both male and female).
Action: "Naughty Tickle".
1) Yes, this action costs one energy.
2) No, this action cannot be performed solo in your own home.
3) Visit or invite over a neighbour - does not work on those whom you have a naughty* or romantic relationship with. You must be the one to wear the wings.

The male/female Dark Wings are not for sale in the shop. They are part of the rewarded Naughty outfit for successfully building the Tempest Nights Double Bed within the allotted time. The Tempest Nights Double Bed is FREE and can be found in the BEDROOM section of the shop, and also in the PROJECTS section of the shop.

* Performing the Naughty Tickle action will prompt the Naughty Friends request.
If you want to post multiple wall posts, or just not interested in the naughty friends relationship, simply ignore the request and repeat the action.
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Wall Post: Fire
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