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 Gimme Simoleons! HELP!

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PostSubject: Gimme Simoleons! HELP!   Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:34 am

Need more Simoleons?

There are several ways to obtain more simoleons...

(in no particular order)

  1. Skilling
  2. Gifting
  3. Check for FREEBIES
  4. Run your Bonus Collector
  5. Convert Social Points
  6. Convert SimCash / Buy simoleons with REAL money

► ► 1. SKILLING ◄ ◄

The quickest way to earn simoleons in Sims Social is to use skill actions. You'll earn slightly more if you make sure you're INSPIRED when you "skill up".

Not only will you earn simoleons, but you will increase your skills too.

Available skill items in the game are always changing. Old ones are removed and new ones are added.

To view all the current skill items in the game, open the SHOP and skill the SKILL tab.

► ► 2. GIFTING◄ ◄

Go in-game and click on the green gift icon at the right of your screen.

Upon clicking the gift icon, the GIFTING screen will open.

If you select the 25 simoleons gift, and send it to everyone, they'll return the favour and send you the same gift back.


Quite often, simoleons are given away for FREE!

Check the official Sims Social page, and scroll around a bit to see what freebies are on offer.

A lot of groups like to keep things organised, so they'll have a FREEBIES section where they'll list all the freebies available.

I've been working on a FREEBIE section in the forum - it might not be quite as up to date as a group's DOC, but the link is here for you: FREEBIES


One of the best things you can do as a good neighbour is to SHARE everything! Post everything to your wall. Every post generates a reward. Social Points, simoleons, energy, XP or collectibles.

Running a Bonus Collector will help you collect all the rewards from all such posts that you friends have posted (you cannot collect from your own posts, don't be silly).

It'll save you having to manually click to claim things.

So, run your Bonus Collector - you may be missing out on some hidden simoleons.

For more information about Bonus Collectors, click here.

What sorts of wall posts offer simoleons as a reward for clicking?

This Recliner offers up wall posts with a reward of 60 simoleons if you perform a Manicure, Pedicure or Haircut.

If you have the Amour Dinner For Two table AND the Insane trait (don't worry, it doesn't have to be MAX. like in the picture), it will offer wall posts with rewards of 50 simoleons if you perform the Romantic Meal For One action.

Visit a friend with whom you have a mean relationship AND who has the Holiday Stove. If you select the action to put out the fire, it will generate a wall post with a reward of 30 simoleons.

If you have the French Bookcase in your home, select the action to Learn Sim French, to generate a wall post that offers 20 simoleons as a reward.

If you have the Vegas Ritzy Fountain in your home, turn it on and then select to "Ooh & Aah", to generate a wall post that offers 10 simoleons.

For more posts which offer Simoleons, click here.

REMEMBER you cannot claim from your own posts, but if you know people who have these types of items, you could ask them NICELY to make some posts for you.


Okay, so this is certainly not the best way around to make simoleons, but it does work.

Whatever you buy for Social Points... when you decide to sell it, you get the full purchase price back but in Simoleons!

The Sheldon Science Sofa costs 10,000 social points to buy.

To sell it means you'll receive 10,000 simoleons!

Like I said, it's not the best solution around, but it does work.


You can convert your hard-earned SimCash into simoleons by clicking the little + icon on the simoleons bar:

Hey presto!

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Gimme Simoleons! HELP!
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