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 Wall Post: Nutty Snack Bar

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PostSubject: Wall Post: Nutty Snack Bar   Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:33 am

The following wall posts offer a Nutty Snack Bar as a reward for claiming:

G King Counter.
Action: "Serve Apple Pie".
1) Yes, this action costs one energy.
2) No, this action cannot be performed solo in your own home.
3) Invite over or visit a neighbour with whom you have a romantic relationship BUT you need mastery in the relevant MAKE APPLE PIE cooking skill on the G King Counter

The G King Counter costs 15,000 social points and can be found in the KITCHEN section of the shop, and also in the SKILLS section of the shop under the Cooking tab.
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Wall Post: Nutty Snack Bar
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