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 Admin's Gallery

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PostSubject: Admin's Gallery   Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:19 pm

I thought I'd make a section where you can show off your homes and outfits.

My own personal Sims Social images can be found on my Facebook page:
Home Sweet Sim Home - check the photo albums Wink

Click NEW TOPIC and add your own creations!
Here are just a few of my outfits:

And taken straight from the album page, here's my homes:

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PostSubject: Re: Admin's Gallery   Sun Apr 21, 2013 1:07 am

With the closure of Sims Social announced, I've decided to upload ALL the makeovers I gave my sim over the course of the game. They've all been taken from my page, Home Sweet Sim Home.

The album for all my sim makeovers. I like to try and give my sim a new look to match each new weekly theme.

• "Can I take your order, please?". My first chosen career was the Chef, so here's my sim madeover for her career.
• My sim as a librarian - for my Penthouse City Library.

• The first photo I made when I started giving my sim weekly makeovers - this must have been around the time that the first Medieval Theme was released, due to the crown. Now that we can keep our bought hair colours, I changed her hair too.
• Around the time of my first beach house remodel - I made over my sim and gave her beach themed attire.

• Another makeover.
Greek God's Week: Thu 26th April - Wed 2nd May 2012. A makeover for Greek God's week. I spent a little SimCash for this one.

• Got my swanky new headband... "LIKE" Very Happy
Pampering Week or Spa Week: Took place between Thu 19th - Wed 25th April 2012. I've gone backwards a bit and gave my Sim a makeover to reflect the Pamerping/Spa week theme, only because I designed a room and she needed to 'fit'. I didn't want to spend SimCash on the Compliments Robe, so bought the Karate Top instead and teamed it with White Over-The-Knee socks and the Black Ballerina Flats, instead of the Compliments Slippers. This was the room I designed...

Rock 'n' Roll Week: Thu 3rd - Wed 9th May 2012. New makeover for the new Rock 'n' Roll Week. My sim's gone blonde, with blue eyes and her mole's moved (compared to where it was in Gods Week). She's also wearing a lighter shade of lipstick. Soooo not liking the Sandra's Quiff hairstyle though (quest requirement). Evil or Very Mad
Rock 'n' Roll Week continued...: Thu 3rd - Wed 9th May 2012. QUIFF BE GONE! That Quiff is UGLY!!

Pool Week, Week 1: Thu 10th - Wed 16th May 2012. Another new makeover, inkeeping with this weeks theme: Pool Week Very Happy
Pool Week, Week 2: Thu 17th - Wed 23rd May 2012. New Makeover for Pool Theme, Week 2. Lovin' the new dresses and scuba gear Very Happy

Car Week: Thu 24th - Wed 30th May 2012. Car Week released the new Roxy hairstyle - HAD to have it bounce So with this, comes a new makeover Wink
Naughty Or Nice Week: Thu 31st May - Wed 6th June 2012. Most recent makeover, thanks to completing the Tempest Bed Razz

Pump-It-Up Week/Gym Week: Thu 7th - Wed 13th June 2012. I don't think much of the clothes on offer in this new theme. I may stick with this new outfit for a day or two and then try my Angel Outfit from the previous Naughty Or Nice Week.
• Naughty Or Nice Week: Took place between Thu 31st May - Wed 6th June 2012. I've gone backwards again coz I really don't like the new Gym Week clothing range. From Tempest to Bliss... From Naughty to Nice... From Hell to Heaven... (doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it)?

• I remodelled my main home to reseamble a house boat - so I made over my sim to match Very Happy
Summer BBQ Week: Thu 21st - Wed 27th June 2012. New makeover for the Summer BBQ Week and the remodel of my house to the 'neighbourhood design'.

Country & Western Week: Thu 28th June - Wed 4th July 2012. YA-HAW! For the Country & Western theme.
• In honour of my seabed home, I've kitted my sim out in scuba gear Very Happy

City Week: - three-week theme: Thu 5th - Wed 25th July 2012. My sim's gone all urban on me Shocked
London's Olympic Games Week: Thu 26th July - Wed 1st August 2012. A bit of red, white and blue Smile

Anniversary Week: Thu 9th - Wed 15th August 2012. Happy Birthday to Sims Social jocolor I couldn't decide whether to wear this dress with or without those leggings, but I left them on anyway - it did kinda look better. She has the new blue 'do' too Wink
Spy Week: Thu 16th - Wed 22nd August 2012. I REALLY wanted that Simoir Red Dress but at 80,000 simoleons, I've settled for the Gold By Gloria dress instead. I paid SimCash for the GLORIA hairstyle too.

• Just for Spy Week, I've made over my Sim's swimwear outfit to match that of Ursula Andress, in that now famous white bikini, from the first 007 movie: Dr. No.
Fashion Week: Thu 23rd - Wed 29th August 2012. Bought the Velvet Party Dress and the Velvet Shoes, teamed it with the Pink Neon hair colour (I thought the Plum one was a little OTT) and the Crystal Necklace. Oh, and changed the eye colour, from green to blue.

Japanese Shrine week: Thursday 30th August - Wednesday 5th September 2012.
Supernatural week: Thursday 6th - Wednesday 12th September 2012.

I really couldn't deicide which new outfit combination to wear during Supernatural week. So I bought them all Laughing
There's all pink and all blue and then two mix and match.

For Supernatural Week, I made the Fairy Party image - this was all the outfits MY sim wore in the photo Very Happy

Mystery Mansion Week, Week 1: Thu 13th - Wed 19th September 2012.
Mystery Mansion Week, Week 2: Thu 20th - Wed 26th September 2012. Love THAT purple dress... well at 390 SimCash, you HAVE to.... but time for a dress-down Smile

Italian Holidays Week, Week 1: Thu 27th September - Wed 3rd October 2012. My Italian Goddess - LOVE the new dress and hair.
DaZigne Elegante Gown - 99 SimCash. DaZigne Gold Hair Clasp - 10 SimCash. Donnabella hair - 69 SimCash
NOT bought the DaZigne Gold Sandals - have used the PartyHaven Heels that I already had instead. She also wears the Crystal Necklace. Total spent on this makeover: 178 SimCash Shocked
Italian Holidays Week, Week 2: Thu 4th - Wed 10th October 2012.

Halloween Week: Week 1 - Bloodlust: Thursday 11th - Wednesday 17th October 2012.
She wears the: MizFortune Scarlet Gown (120 SimCash). MixFortune Sandals - not that you can see them (17 SimCash). 'Amy' Hair in black $4000 simoleons. JFashion Choker B (already in my storage). Horns (already in my storage). Dark Wings (already in my storage). Tribal Ring Tattoo (already in my storage)
Halloween Week: Week 2 - Moonlight: Thursday 18th - Wednesday 24th October 2012. I couldn't decide whether I liked the Were Wig (in the right photo) or not. I decided I didn't so went with the Scarehair (in the left photo).
She wears the: Were Dress (1600 Social Points). Were Tail (550 Social Points). Were Feet (49 SimCash). Scarehair (750 Social Points). (The Were Wig was 5000 simoleons). Gray Hair Colouring ($2000 simoleons). JFashion Choker B (already in my storage). Tribal Ring Tattoo (already in my storage). I changed her eye colour and lips too.

Halloween Week: Week 3 - The Haunting: Thursday 25th - Wednesday 31st October 2012. Happy Halloween Very Happy I couldn't decide on the Angel Wings or the Naughty Tail - I went with the wings.
She wears the: MizFortune Tattered Dress ($7000 simoleons). MizFortune Platforms ($900 simoleons). 'Amy' Hair in white (already in my storage). Angel Wings (already in my storage). Pixie Black Stockings (already in my storage). JFashion Choker B (already in my storage). Horns (already in my storage). I changed her eye colour and lips again.
Magic Week: Thursday 1st - Wednesday 7th November 2012.
She wears: Witch's Green Hat (10 SimCash). Green Witch Gown (35 SimCash). Striped Tights (20 SimCash). Sandra's Red Heels (already in storage). 'Marla' Style hair, in red (both already in storage). Tribal Ring Tattoo (already in storage). I've also green her green eyes and freckles Smile

Egypt Week: Week 1 & 2: Thursday 8th - Wednesday 14th November 2012. I haven't really taken a liking to the Egypt theme so far, so rather than buy any of the new clothes, I opted for things already in my storage - a mix of clothes from Greek Gods week and Arabian week.
She wears: Aphrodite's Chiton. Aphrodite's Golden Sandals. Dune Lily White Headband. Crystal Necklace. 'Starship Captain' hairstyle in Platinum.
Pet Week: Week 1: Thursday 22 - Wednesday 28th November 2012. Not the best makeover in the world, but I was going for slightly animalistic Wink
She wears the: Miss Kitty Leopard Dress (79 SimCash). Miss Kitty Ears ($1800 simoleons). JFashion Choker B (already in storage). Intense Red Hair in the 'Amy' style (already in storage), and green eyes.
To make her look slightly 'abnormal', I've given her: a Distinct nose (250 Social Points), the Elise lips (425 Social Points), and put the Were Feet on her feet so you can just see the claws Very Happy (already in storage).

Pet Week: Week 1: Thursday 22 - Wednesday 28th November 2012. For the last few days of Pet Week/Week 1, I've changed her outfit...
She wears the NEW: Miss Kitty Wild Swimsuit (1500 Social Points). Miss Kitty Tail (25 SimCash). Chestnut Hair (2000 simoleons).
Along with the: Miss Kitty Ears. JFashion Choker B. 'Amy' style hair, and green eyes.
• Can't wait for Christmas so I've done a Christmassy makeover already...
She wears: Winter Queen R dress (70SC). Magic Mistletoe Hat (50SC). Sandra's Reed Heels (already in storage). Staflake necklace (already in storage). Donnabella hair in White (already in storage). Reverted back to "Vibrance" lips and the "Ski Slope" nose - how fitting Laughing

Christmas Week: Week 1: Thursday 6th - Wednesday 12th December 2012. Wrapped up warm for the winter mountains.
She wears: Diesel White Jacket (already in storage). Diesel Faded Skinny Jeans (already in storage). Buckle Boots Brown (1000 simoleons). KeepMe Cap (already in storage). KeepMe Snood L (15 SimCash). KeepMe Gloves (400 simoleons). 'Jean' hair in Intense Red, with Classic lips (already in storage).
Christmas Week: Week 2: Thursday 13th - Wednesday 19th December 2012. This week, she wears: Wintertide Ruby Tease (8000 simoleons). Wintertide Ruby Tease Hat (1000 simoleons). Little Red Helper Boots (4000 simoleons). Little Red Helper Gloves (already in storage). Pixie Black Stockings (already in storage). Crystal Necklace (already in storage). And the 'Billie' hairstyle in Neon Green to bring out the green in her eyes Wink

tongue to Holiday Cheer (the Wintertide Ruby Tease combination gives double cheer drops).
Now she wears: Wintertide Ruby Blossom (295 SimCash). Diamond Studded Tiara (25 SimCash). 'Antoinette' style hair in Intense Red (I couldn't decide on a hair style - but settled for Antoinette).
• Took a break for Christmas so skipped a makeover which saw me buy the SnugHug Starling Coat and Ankle Huggers (6500 simoleons in total) - see below.
Anyway... Winter Pets: Pet Rescue - Week 2: Thu. 3rd - Wed. 9th January 2013. Rather than buy the SimCash gown (not yet anyway), she wears: ColdSnap Bunny Coat (6000 simoleons). Bunny Hat (400 social points). SnugHug Bunny Slippers (1500 simoleons). High Over The Knee - Pink (900 simoleons). Pink hair (already in storage) in the 'Diana' style (3600 simoleons). Lighter shade of lipstick with the 'Upstart' lips. She also wears a Bunny Tail (already in storage).

• Before this week's theme ends, I have relented and bought the SimCash dress Rolling Eyes
So, she wears the: Winter Wave Gown (150 SimCash). Winter Wave Crystal Necklace (8000 simoleons). PartyHaven Heels - not that you can see them (already in storage). Aqua Neon hair (already in storage). And she's gone back to wearing the Diamond Studded Tiara on the 'Antoinette' style hair Wink
Victorian Romance Week: Thu. 10th - Wed. 16th January 2013. Not liking this weeks theme at all Sad
Instead, of anything from the new range, she wears: Blue Summer Dress (2000 simoleons). Buckle Boots Brown (already in storage). Utopia Flower (already in storage). 'Heidi' style hair in chestnut (already in storage). I think this looks cute Smile

T.S.S. Unsinkable Week: Week One: Thursday 17th - Wednesday 23rd January 2013. So this week sees the Titanic theme - so my sim has done one of the 'Rose' looks. She wears: SailAway White Dress (30000 simoleons) although I think it's more of a coat Razz SailAway White Hat (50 SimCash). MizFortune Platforms (already in storage). 'Donnabella' hair in Intense Red (also in storage).
T.S.S. Unsinkable Week: Week Two: Thursday 24th - Wednesday 30th January 2013. The second week of the 'Titanic' theme. She wears: Unsinkable Gown (7000 Social Points). Heart Of Poseidon (180 SimCash). Sandra's Red Heels (already in storage).

Valentines Week, Week One Cupid's Crisis: Thursday 31st January - Wednesday 6th February, 2013. New theme, new outfit. She wears: MonAmour Gold Headband (1750 simoleons). MonAmour Peach Gown (1500 social points). PartyHaven Heels (already in storage). Platinum Hair in the 'Donnabella' style (already in storage). With blue eyes and softer lips.
Valentine's Week, Week Two: Thursday 7th - Wednesday 13th February. Not really liking the new dresses, so I've gone with last years' Valentine's release. She wears: Valentine Red Dress (8000 simoleons). Valentine Red Shoes (3500 simoleons). 'Marla' hairstyle in black (already in storage). Flower Red (already in storage).

Chinese New Year week: Thursday 15th - Wednesday 20th February. I didn't like the clothes offering, so she wore: Blue Chinese Dress (20,000 simoleons). Black Chinese Heels (3000 simoleons). 'Tokyo' hair in Black and the Sweet Blue eyes (already in storage).
Medieval Week, Week One - Kingdom Of Simelot: Thursday 21st - Wednesday 27th February 2013. I opted for the Merry Sim Dress (25,000 simoleons) which was the full outfit. With the 'Donnabella' hair in Platinum (already in storage).

Medieval Week, Week 2 - Damsel In Distress: Thursday 28th February - Wednesday 6th March. This time she wore the newly released M'Lady's Black Gown at 30,000 simoleons.
Medieval Week, Week 3: Thursday 7th - Wednesday 13th March 2013. Not liking that new M'Lady's Blue Dress at all, so I've gone with last year's Medieval clothing range. She wears: Highness Gown (already in storage). Highness Crown (already in storage). Crystal Necklace (already in storage). 'Super Princess' hair in Chestnut, with the Sweet Blue eyes and Bohemian lips (all already in storage). THANK YOU TO YESTERDAY'S SIMCASH GLITCH (Wednesday 6th March, 2013) which allowed me to buy the Highness Gown (usual price 59 SimCash) and the 'Super Princess' hair (usual price 55 SimCash) - for just 1 SimCash apiece... YAY! I also purchased that 12 SimCash Highness Veil - but preferred the crown on this occasion Rolling Eyes (

Irish Week: Thursday 14th - Wednesday 20th March 2013. YUK! Not liking that new McPixie Parade Dress AT ALL! And for SimCasth too!! Shocked
Instead, she wears: SumUp Dress Aqua (already in storage thanks to that 1 SimCash glitch. Original price 55 SimCash). SumUp Goddess shoes (already in storage). DaZigne Lacey Tights (already in storage). And the 'Fine Lady Hair' in Intense Red - already in storage.
Fairy Spa Week: A Sim's Fairytale: Thursday 21st - Wednesday 27th March 2013. Two lovely dresses released today. While I purchased both, she wears the: EverAfter Pink Gown (245 SimCash). PartyHaven Heels, not that you can see them (already in storage). "Fine" hair in Pink (already in storage). Flower White. Antoinette Choker.

Spells Week - Abracadabra!: 28th March - 3rd April 2013. Although I bought all three of those lovely wings, she wore the: Charmed Green Dress (99 SimCash). Charmed Green Wings (30 SimCash). 'Wild' Hairstyle in Green Neon (already in storage).
Pop Star Week: 4th - 10th April 2013. Not taken a liking to those new clothes... except maybe that Sim-Pop Gown (don't like the price tag though). So instead, she wears the: Teal by Gloria. Teal High Heels. Lula's Headband. Sim-Pop Glasses. 'Sakura' hair style in Aqua Neon - (all already in storage).

Desert Dreams Week: 11th - 17th April 2013. Some nice clothes released this week. I'm in two minds about buying some though. So for now, I've recycled last years' Arabian themed clothes from March 2012. She wears the: Dune Lily White Headband. Dune Lily White Top. Dune Lily Mint Pants. Dune Lily Mint Sandals. Millionaire Bangle. Sea Green hair in the 'Dana' style.
Bella Hunt Week: Thursday 18th - Wednesday 24th April 2013. Don't like any of the new clothes this week, so she's having a 'duvet-day' - not going to bother getting dressed. Everyone else can run around like headless chickens looking for the 'missing' Bella-boo-boo tongue
She wears (all from storage): White Headband. Compliments Robe. Compliments Slippers. 'Jean' hairstyle in Chestnut.

I will continue to EDIT this post and add the makeovers that I feature on Home Sweet Sim Home until the game officially goes offline.
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PostSubject: Re: Admin's Gallery   Sun Apr 21, 2013 2:19 am

Some of the other female clothes that featured in Sims Social that didn't make it to my page, Home Sweet Sim Home:

The Sim-Pop Gown, which had a 229 SimCash price tag, and was released during Pop Star Week: April 2013. As seen in the Archive section.

The Simoir Red Dress costs 80,000 simoleons. At the time of its release during Spy Week (August 2012), I didn't have enough simoleons to buy it Evil or Very Mad
It had rather a lot of splits in it Laughing

The McPixie Parade Dress released during Irish Week in March 2013. It has a 129 SimCash price tag and I didn't NOT like it at all - YUK! This can also be seen in the Archive section.

This lovely gown - the SnowBird Evening Gown - had the unfortunate price tag of 120 SimCash. It was released during the Winter Pets theme (December 2012).

The Queen Of Hearts Dark Gown and the Red Queen Crown. The gown had a 110 SimCash price tag, the crown was 6000 simoleons. I believe both were released during Wonderland week - January 2012.

The Spectral Robe and the Skullface, released during the first Halloween seen in the game in October 2011.

Another outfit released during the first Halloween, was the Wraith Dress, seen here with the Deathic Wraith gloves, the Scarehair and Sparkle Blue eyes.
And also, the Deathic Wedding Dress

Meet 'Lula' During Gangs Week back in March 2012, Lula's Black Dress was released, along with Lula's Headband, Lula's Pearls and the Lula hairstyle - ALL were SimCash items.

From a male character, here are some of the stranger outfits:

There was the:
• Gillman outfit, which you had to buy as three separate pieces - Gillman Mask, Gillman Torso and Gillman Legs.
• Mr Doggy Suit
• Sumo outfit - in two pieces - the Sumo Chest and the Sumo Bottom.
• Mr Penguin Suit (as seen in the archive section)
• Noblesse Jester outfit (as seen in the archive section)
• Mad Hatter's outfit, which you had to buy as four separate pieces - Hatter Hat, Hatter Jacket, Hatter Pants and the Hatter Boots.
• March Hare's outfit, which you had to buy as four separate pieces - March Hare's Hat, March Hare's Tea Jacket, March Hare's Pants and the Martch Hare's Shoes.

Last edited by Admin on Thu May 16, 2013 9:54 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Admin's Gallery   Sun Apr 21, 2013 2:44 am

And these were my homes.

My First Creation
This was my first home. I disliked weeds VERY much, so after tinkering with the house we were given I decided I was going to completely cover the lawn with rooms to stop the problem weeds - so this was how it ended up and I made the inner rooms look like courtyards and such. The only place weeds grew were in the fours outer corners of the yard. I tried to keep to the less is more rule, particularly because a lot of people had trouble loading large, cluttered homes. This was also before I'd learned The Backpack Trick, as my energy bar is all but empty Laughing


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PostSubject: Re: Admin's Gallery   

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Admin's Gallery
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