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 Simology Help (Closed Group)

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PostSubject: Simology Help (Closed Group)   Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:06 am

Simology Help

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Quote :

Our mission in this group is to provide advice,give help, and have fun as it revolves around the sims social.

We only have 1 rule and that is NO DRAMA in any form. and trust us on this one. no question is stupid and we expect everyone in here to follow that lead.

That being said lets come together and make something of this group that can be as great of an environment as only we want to make it.

Our plan is this, we will continue to work on the docs. and photo albums to make some cool ways to express ourselves through our screen shots and experiences in the game. lets face it our sims have some very odd behavior at times. We say lets have fun with it right!!!!!

last but not least there are sometimes where Tony's mouth has trouble with filtering itself. so please do not be offended with his language at times as he will not be offended by yours!!!! we are adults talking like adults. but we won't tolerate harassment. So lets have fun with this group and with any luck it will be an enjoyable place to hangout.

Thank You for choosing to be apart of our community!!! ;D
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Simology Help (Closed Group)
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