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 3. Grab Some FREEBIES

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PostSubject: 3. Grab Some FREEBIES   Wed Jan 16, 2013 2:46 am

Something else I would suggest as a new player is visiting the FREEBIE section and claim as many freebies as you can (some will be expired), with the exception of FREE ENERGY. At this early stage in the game, you'll level up quite quickly. You're given 15 free energy with each level up BUT NOT if your bar is already full! The free 15 will be wasted. So for now, I would recommend leaving the free energy until you need it.

You'll need to be logged in to Facebook. If you already have your game loaded, you'll receive the free stuff once you refresh your game. The game automatically saves every few seconds (15 I believe), or you can force a save by hitting the save button (under the options - click the wrench icon) or by visiting a neighbour).

The image below shows the simoleons/social points/energy and backpack items BEFORE collecting FREEBIES, and again AFTER collecting some FREEBIES:

OK, done. Now what?
Consider these before continuing with quests...

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3. Grab Some FREEBIES
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