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 2. Get Acquainted With your screen - a brief explanation, and your first steps

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PostSubject: 2. Get Acquainted With your screen - a brief explanation, and your first steps   Wed Jan 16, 2013 2:14 am

I recommend getting acquainted with the screen...

The above image is a very brief overview of what's-what. A more detailed explanation can be found here: Get acquainted with the screen

Like most Facebook games, Sims Social is energy-based. Once you've used up the usual 15 energy, you'll have to wait for more energy before you can do anything else - there are ways around this but you need to add new friends! See The Backpack Trick.

Don't spend your SimCash needlessly - that's the money in yellow! Again, like most Facebook games, Sims Social has a 'special' currency that has to be bought using REAL money. You're given some to start but DON'T WASTE IT!

Almost every action that takes up an energy will reward you with 10XP. Since you have performed the 'composed a song' action on the guitar (during the tutorial), you will already have 10XP. Get 140XP to advance to level 2. There are currently (January 2013) 160 levels in Sims Social.

Weeds are a pain in the butt for most people. They take up energy to clear BUT they do reward you with XP and some collectibles. So might I suggest using your first batch of energy on clearing some weeds - you'll level up! When you level up, your energy bar refills Very Happy
In fact, once you reach Level 2 - you only need 150XP in order to reach Level 3 - which is 15 actions! So cut even more grass and reach Level 3! You might even get some free energy by cutting the grass Very Happy

At Level 3, you again only need 150XP to reach Level 4 - so cut even MORE grass and reach Level 4!

Level 4 already and all you've done is cut some grass Rolling Eyes

What now?

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2. Get Acquainted With your screen - a brief explanation, and your first steps
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