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 The Sims Social Network (Closed Group)

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PostSubject: The Sims Social Network (Closed Group)   Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:03 am

The Sims Social Network or TSSN

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Quote :
Welcome to The Sims Social (Network Group) , a group dedicated for all lovers of The Sims Social. We encourage everyone to have fun, post for help, ask for help, posts your sims pictures, your thoughts and ideas for this game and anything else that includes The Sims Social. Please take a moment read our rules in the DOCS section, link is to the right or at top of this page. You can also add your name to our "Add Me" post. Please don’t post ADD ME on the wall. Please dont post SPAMS nor SCAMS its not allowed here. Don’t edit/create the DOCS Feel free to add your friends to this group. For a happy and civil friendship please have respectful behaviors with all the members from the group. Enjoy your friends and join us!

RULES: Hi! members before you can start finding neighbors or anything else please take read of these rules.

Invite your active friends to make this group better.
Please BE kind to your co-members and to the admins. If you are harassing members you could automatic get banned, without warnings! Also if someone has harassed you, you can report it to the admins (in private messages)

Please help members with their bugs/problems at the game. That would be appreciated.

Of course PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T put SCAMS in here. If you did it you could automatic get BANNED without warning.

Be Friendly to the admins and to the co-members. Also please DON'T be rude.

NO sexual links or nude photos. This is not porn site. If you did it then you will automatic get banned without warning.

DO NOT create/edit at the docs. If you want to edit or create please consult to the admins first.

Do NOT steal the pictures & post. Please ask first before you can borrow it.

Any drama on here is NOT allowed.

NO advertising other groups in this room. Only admins allowed to do it.

Feel free to have a contest for the members , but please run your idea by an admin first.

DO NOT BLOCK THE ADMIN this is a banable offense, you could be banned with no warning.

DO NOT use profanity. It is rude and we do not allow it here.

and the last one is Please follow ALL our rules, Thank you.

Note: There are alot of SCAMS out there that say Free Sims Cash or Free Facebook credits. Please do not do these. They lead to virus or even to people getting your info. If it is too good to be true it usually is.

~TSS Network Group Admin Smile

Share Group
: Please "SHARE" this group to your friends of The Sims Social so that they can have more neighbors etc in this group. I know that many people dont know this group so please do it.

To do so just post this link: your page. And please don't forget to add friends, who play the game ^_^
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The Sims Social Network (Closed Group)
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