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 Wall Post: Sponge

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PostSubject: Wall Post: Sponge   Sat Dec 29, 2012 1:15 am

The following wall posts offer a Sponge as a reward for claiming:

Magic Dust Bottle.
Action: "Clean Up, Fairy".
1) Yes, this action costs one energy.
2) Yes, this action can be performed solo in your own home.
3) No neighbour required. You cannot use a neighbours' Magic Dust Bottle. You must wait approx. 26 hours for the bottle to 'recharge'.

The Magic Dust Bottle is not for sale in the shop. It is the reward for successfully building the MeadowShine Fairy Tree within the allotted time. The MeadowShine Fairy Tree is FREE and can be found in the OUTDOOR section of the shop, and also in the PROJECTS section of the shop.
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Wall Post: Sponge
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