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 1. Welcome to Littlehaven - a quick introduction to Sims Social

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PostSubject: 1. Welcome to Littlehaven - a quick introduction to Sims Social   Wed Sep 12, 2012 8:26 am

Welcome to Littlehaven. The forum I created to help you get aquainted with The Sims Social on Facebook.

Be advised that this forum has been created using Windows (as opposed to a Mac), so any installation instructions have been given as per Windows usage.

"Hey! I'm new to Sims Social... I'm a newbie.... HELP!" What a Face
OK, so you've started to play this gamed called The Sims Social (often abbreviated to TSS for short).

One of The Sim Social Club's (TSSC's) admin, Feri Ascencion, has created a webpage explaining all about Sims Social. It's very informative, so I'll be dotting links here and there in the forum at relevant places. Thank you Feri Very Happy
afro The Sims Social Website by Feri Ascencion

Sims Social started back in August of 2011.

Firstly, Sims Social is a simulation game. It's pretty much open-ended in that there is no real goal. There's no score to compete for. Sure, you'll quite often see that you or someone else has attained a new 'high score' on the Timeline, but this is not something you'll ever actually see in-game. Rolling Eyes

Some people play to have the highest House Value (HV) - the more 'stuff' you own, the higher your house value will be. But there's no advantage to having a high house value and you're certainly not rewarded for having a high figure.

Many people play Sims Social simply for the creative element. They like to create elaborate homes and enter them into competitions - particularly the HOUSE OF THE WEEK contests in the Official Forums. These are just some of the homes featured in the Official Forums:

The HOUSE OF THE WEEK contest can be found here - it's usually the first thread: Pics or it didn't happen
Past winners can be found in this thread: Winners List
EDIT: Tuesday 11th June, 2013: Since the official forums will close on 14th June, the above two links will no longer open after this date.
Therefore, the Winners List can be found here instead.

So we plod along in the game, building and furnishing our homes, completing skills, going to work and making new friends (neighbours). The only real goal in the game comes in the form of quests - especially the timed ones.

Timed quests are usually the new ones introduced weekly when new themes are released into the game. As a new player, you won't have access to these until you reach level 12. You can do the promotional quests if there are any released, but we don't get these often. Timed quests usually have a limited release item, such as a skill item which you can get as long as you complete the quest within the given time limit.

So, once you've opened the game, you'll have worked through the tutorial for a quick HOW TO.
You'll learn about simoleons and social points, meet your first and only neighbour (Bella), how to interact with objects and fulfil needs. You'll even touch upon skills by composing on the guitar.

Want to watch the tutorial again? Here... there's a little extra in it too:

Now what? scratch
I recommend getting acquainted with the screen...
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1. Welcome to Littlehaven - a quick introduction to Sims Social
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