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 The Sims Social Friends (TSSF) (Closed Group)

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PostSubject: The Sims Social Friends (TSSF) (Closed Group)   Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:20 am

The Sims Social Friends (TSSF)

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Quote :
Welcome to the Group ♥

Dear to all members and guests,

On behalf of TSSF, We would like to welcome you to the group! P
lease feel free to ask questions, leave comments, post photos, etc... and in any language (French, Hindi, Spanish, Sim-ish, Pig Latin)- we have people to translate!! The only 2 languages we have a problem with are Profanity and Gibberish!! We have to keep things clean out of respect for all the members who may be reading comments. And we may not translate Gibberish correctly!!

Also, please keep posts Sims related otherwise our page would get flooded with random stuff and people may not get their Sims questions answered in enough time before it gets lost on the page.

We have a lot of wonderful and very helpful administrators here to help in the best way they can with questions or problems so feel free to ask for help.

We have several 'docs' that have been put together for you to read that may answer many of your questions. Please take advantage of these resources (but please DO NOT change any of them!!) as often as needed and if you don't see what you are looking for, make a recommendation for a 'doc' to be created for whatever it is.

Opinions and ideas on ways to improve the group are encouraged!!

One last thing, please read the 'rules of the group' doc right away to cover any other questions this message may not have answered for you.

Thanx for your interest in TSSF and we all hope it proves to be very useful to you!!

Happy Simming!!

Credit to our beloved admin ♥ Terre ♥
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The Sims Social Friends (TSSF) (Closed Group)
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