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 The Sims Social Gathering (Closed Group)

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PostSubject: The Sims Social Gathering (Closed Group)   Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:10 am

The Sims Social Gathering

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Quote :


Here we can talk about SIMS SOCIAL...Help each other out, request friends and what not, Lets all just have fun.... that is what this is all about

SO, if someone post that they need help with something, and you were able to help them, click "LIKE" or comment that you have helped, and then that person can thank you when they get the message... its just out of courtesy....

And here is something else, if you dont want your E-MAIL BOX flooded with e-mails from this group or any group, click on the GROUP SETTING button next to the group name and you can turn off the sending messages to E-Mail.. lol, thats what I

But if you are going to leave the group sorry to see you go, but please let us know

ALSO, PLEASE if you are going to invite someone into the group PLEASE, i don't know how to stress this enough, PLEASE ASK THEM!!!! I am wanting people that are going to take part in the group. And soon, I will send only Bonuses and request to the group. and I have 2 other pages I play.... SO, LETS HAVE FUN!!!
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The Sims Social Gathering (Closed Group)
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