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 Christmas: Week One - Winter Retreat!: 6th December 2012

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PostSubject: Christmas: Week One - Winter Retreat!: 6th December 2012   Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:22 pm

Week One - Winter Retreat!
6th December 2012

A new location - the Winter Chalet! Very Happy

Alpine DoubleTime Sink • Videre Gold Edition Binoculars (Logic Skill) • Alpine Luxurier Lounger • Alpine Snow Poolside Recliner • Gaia Ferns • Alpine Onyx Vase

S. Leon Alpine Memories • Alpine Onyx Poolside Recliner • Alpine Luxure Double Bed • Alpine Mountain Bed • Alpine Candle Collection • Alpine Snow-Iron Fireplace

Alpine Onyx Sink • Alpine Onyx Tub • Diesel DJ Turntables (LEAVING) • NotFurReal Winter Patterns • Alpine Crimson Candles • NotFurReal Shaggy Mat

Alpine Pillar • NotFurReal Polar Floor Warmer • Mon Visage Vanity Table • Alpine Stone • Alpine Fern Wood Tile • Alpine Onyx Tiles

Alpine Cabin Wallpaper • Alpine Rockface Wallpaper • Alpine ShutterView Window • Alpine Cabin • Alpine Wallpaper • Alpine Fern Wood Slats

LEAVING SHOP: (together with the Diesel DJ Turntables, already mentioned)
Bahama Fire Lilly • Mother's Day Bouquet • Bahama Fence Corner • Bahama Fence • Bahama Refreshments • Bahama Shells - Assorted

Bahama Shells - Pink • My Clownfish Pal • Bahama Counter • Bahama Corner • Bahama End Table • Bahama Firepit

Bahama Beach Chair • Bahama Toilet • Bahama Tile • Bahama Strip • Bahama Door • Bahama Tall Windows

  • Memories, Oh Memories!, part 1
  • Save The Chalet!

Memories, Oh Memories! Part One, and the JetQueen Luxure Pool that we are given in our Winter Chalet this week.

Female Wardrobe Items:

SnugHug Winter Bowler • SnugHug Black Gloves
ColleXion Snow Princess • ColleXion Snow Princess Heels
SnugHug Bear Coat • SnugHug Yeti Coat

Laila's Black Bikini Bottom • Laila's Black Bikini Top
Swimming Armbands • Diesel Bikini Bottom
Diesel Bikini Top • Sand Sandals

Red Life Preserver • Swimming Goggles
Striped Beach Dress • Polka Dot Swimsuit
Diesel Grey Jersey • Laila (hair style)

Laila's Golden Bikini Bottom • Laila's Golden Bikini Top
Diesel Stars 'n' Stripes • Diesel White Jacket
Diesel Faded Skinny Jeans • Diesel Print T-Shirt

Male Wardrobe Items:

SnugHug Black Gloves • SnugHug Floppy Hat
ColleXion Winter Black Shoes • ColleXion Winter Blazer
Swimming Armbands (LEAVING)Sand Sandals (LEAVING)

LEAVING SHOP: (together with the Swimming Armbands and the Sand Sandals, already mentioned)
Striped Beach Shorts • Red Life Preserver
Swimming Goggles • Nacy Beach Shorts
Diesel Owl Print T-Shirt • Diesel Outback Shorts

Diesel Casual Pants • Diesel Faded Straightleg Jeans
Diesel Boxers • Diesel Signature Jacket
Diesel Mohawk Print T-Shirt • Diesel Hoodie

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Posts : 393
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PostSubject: Also leaving the shop   Fri Dec 14, 2012 8:26 pm

It appears that there was a slight hiccup in the items leaving the shop.

Not listed in the SPECIAL section as usual - nor listed at the beginning of each catagory as usual - the following items (in the top row) are also leaving the shop:

Bahama Bathing Chair • Bahama Poolside Table • Bahama Bar Seat • Bahama Double Bed • Bahama Sink

In the bottom row is the...:

Bahama Curve Sofa • Bahama Easy Read Shelf would seem that these two 'Bahama-ranged' items are staying with us.
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Age : 39
Location : Bristol, UK

PostSubject: Game Maintenance   Fri Dec 14, 2012 8:33 pm

Tuesday 11th December 2012 - Game Maintenance

We had game maintenance Rolling Eyes

Not only did this screw up everyone's game by deleting neighbours and relationships (see this thread in the Official Forums) Evil or Very Mad but they tried to add a couple of changes...

Firstly, the loading screen got decorated, Christmas Style:

And they changed the normal Daily Bonuses. They made it a Holiday Special... Rolling Eyes

Collect 1000 Holiday Cheer to receive 150 SimCash:

The way this works is that you will receive ALL the prizes here.
You can see the running total of your Holiday Cheer, so that once you reach a certain amount, you get the associated prize.
Keep collecting for the next prize, and so on - until you reach 900 Holiday Cheer... collect 20 SimCash!
Collect just 100 more Holiday Cheer for that top prize of 150 SimCash! Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Christmas: Week One - Winter Retreat!: 6th December 2012   

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Christmas: Week One - Winter Retreat!: 6th December 2012
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