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 The single most important tip for Sims Social

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PostSubject: The single most important tip for Sims Social   Thu Sep 13, 2012 1:15 am

The single most important tip for Sims Social is to add people you don't know as friends and neighbours! The clue is in the title of the game: Sims SOCIAL.

If you're really NOT keen on adding complete strangers as friends, creating lists to separate your friends and family from strangers may be something for you to think about. If you're still not interested, then this game isn't going to be for you.

To get a head start, join a group. There are various for this game. If you're reading this, then chances are you're already in a group called: The Sims Social Everything (TSSE) - who are in the process of redirecting all their members into The Sims Social Club (TSSC).

Actual group banner subject to change without notice.

TSSC is a closed group. This means that anyone can see the group and who's in it - but only members can see the posts. However, they do have a public community page as well.
• To apply to join TSSC, click to join.
• To view the public group page, click here.

Post an ADD ME comment in the ADD ME thread to encourage people to add you as a friend. You don't have to be neighbours in the game in order to receive some benefits, but you won't be able to visit that person's sim unless you become neighbours.

Of course, TSSC isn't the only group around. Click for a list of other groups

Have you already accepted a friend request, but that person isn't showing in the ADD NEIGHBOUR list?  Idea Refresh your game.

Another good place to find friends and neighbours is the Official Sims Social App page.
They have dedicated ADD ME posts too, but people generally post ADD ME comments over everything  Rolling Eyes

You could also try the Official EA/Playfish Games Forums.
This link should take you directly to the Personal Ads section of the Sims Social category in the forum. - NO LONGER WORKING SINCE THE CLOSURE OF THE GAME!

Quote :
The Sims Social Club will now be known as "The Survivors Social Club" 

We are Working on adding New Albums and Sections as The Sims Social Has announced its closing as on June 14th. 

We are cleaning the group slowly, as facebook has our album menu glitched. Next up here we are adding the new albums for the games. Each game voted as most played will have its own album with Add & Help me sections for each. The Admins do not play many of these games, so if there is something else that can be added to these sections give us a holler Please.

We will continue to ask that you try and post in the appropriate sections though, This Group will be more of a social hangout for those of us who have made Real Friendships with our Gaming Neighbors.
All Sims Social Photo's will now be Placed in this 
We hope you enjoy the new sections, and a place to visit with Friends.

We really hope that facebook will get the album issue fixed and that with the end of TSS on June 14th our Group will be cleaned and re-organized for easy navigation for you all. With All New Sections and our new Friends around the world theme. 
As always be helpful and kind to one another.. Hugs & ♥️

A word of warning when it comes to ADD MEs
Only send people Friend Requets if they've asked for them by posting in the appropriate ADD ME threads. Outside of that, ensure you ASK before randomly adding people - unwanted friend requests can land you with a BAN!

You'll more likely get a BAN when people cancel your friend request and click that they DON'T know you outside of Facebook.

Cancel Pending Friend Requests
Another way of receiving a ban is for too many of your outgoing friend requests to sit 'pending' in the inboxes of your requestees. Too many of these and Facebook will notice and slap you with a ban. There IS a way to see how many pending requests you have so that you may cancel them.

Visit Find Pending Requests. This is an application designed by Ritesh Chandora.
Click on the silver ENTER sign to enter and you'll be redirected to Facebook and asked to login. Upon login, you'll be immediately redirected to the app. Follow the instructions that are given:

  • Click on the box labelled CLICK ME.
  • A new window will open. SELECT and COPY ALL the text given in the new window.
  • PASTE all the text in the light-blue box presented in the app.
  • Click SUBMIT.

For quick and easy execution:
CTRL and A will highlight all the text.
CTRL and C will copy all the text.
CTRL and V will paste all the text.

Upon clicking SUBMIT, the application with process the information. It will then show all the friend requests that you've sent that have been ignored. The more of these there are, the closer you are to getting a ban!

You will need to visit each profile in turn and CANCEL PENDING REQUEST. They will not disappear from the list, so keep track of who you've cancelled. Upon completion, simply close or overwrite the tab or window.

A lot of veteran Sims Social players do not welcome random friend requests, so ALWAYS ask before adding them. They may be trying to protect themselves from game glitches!
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The single most important tip for Sims Social
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