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 Landing Party

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PostSubject: Landing Party   Wed Nov 21, 2012 3:13 am

Landing Party

Unlock this quest by completing the Visiting Rights quest.

If you zoom out, you'll see various FOR SALE signs along the outskirts of your property.

Now, at your MAIN property, there are 11 extra plots of land - 8 of them come with a free gift (something that you need to build). The plots of land take an increasing amount of time to complete and can be purchased in any order (with the exception of the two corner-most plots - an adjacent plot must be purchased first). For more information, visit: Land Expansions at the Main Home.

For now, to complete the quest, simply click on a FOR SALE sign and complete the tasks outlined in the Land Permit Application.

For some tips on how to get more Simoleons, visit: Gimme Simoleons! HELP!

Ask friends for Contracts.

Signatures are a wall post request, so ask your friends to click.

Once you have the required items, click on the green APPLY button, and your chosen plot of land will become a building (or rather, landscaping) zone - with a timer. If it's your first plot, the timer will say LESS THAN A MINUTE.

When the extra land is available, it will turn into a green present.

Click on your 'present', and it will unwrap and you'll be presented with a wall post to share with your friends - and complete the quest. IF the quest does not pop up as completed, save and then refresh the game.

Completing this quest will unlock:
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Landing Party
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